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Blogging on Thin Ice
Posted Tuesday, December 24, at 10:16 AM
Blooger's note: The recent ice storm we had prompted me to look back into some of my old writings for a piece of creative non-fiction I wrote many years ago about ice. I post it here just for the reader's pleasure. It may be a bit long for a blog but I think you will enjoy reading "The Paradox of Ice."...

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Spring is the time for pond hopping in Vernon County
Posted Tuesday, June 18, at 12:15 PM

Everybody is going to know what I mean when I say it's been one strange year for weather this year. It seems like we are finally lined out and in a normal weather pattern for this area and this time of year. The drought has been broken. Ponds and lakes are back to normal levels and most of the moving bodies of water are doing just that. They are moving the large amounts of moisture we have received downstream to the larger rivers and reservoirs of the state...

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Back on the beat
Posted Tuesday, March 19, at 10:11 AM

After having about four and a half months off work, it's good to back on the beat. Although I cover a lot of different events and stories, for the paper, my assigned duties, my beat, is crime, courts, county government and public safety. It is an interesting beat to cover, but it can be a tough beat too! Most of the stuff I cover can be pretty serious, and it deserves the best I can offer as a journalist. ...

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In the Summertime
Posted Friday, June 29, at 12:50 PM

I was driving into Nevada the other night from El Dorado when I noticed some lights way out in a field. Since I am familiar with the area and knew it was a hayfield and that that particular field was one of the few around that gets baled with the old, square bales, I instantly knew what the lights were...

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Weekdays, weekends and plastic worms
Posted Thursday, May 24, at 5:58 PM

The unusually warm winter and the great spring we have had really got things in Vernon County growing. Some of the farmers have already been cutting some hay and the wheat is starting to take on that golden hue that means it is ripe and ready to harvest...

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Spring colors
Posted Monday, March 19, at 1:00 PM

The mild winter has melted into a colorful spring and the hues of new life are flashing themselves throughout the city. A short drive around Nevada will show a rainbow of colors to anyone willing to take notice. Fruit trees are blooming in various shades of pink and white in preparation for a new crop. Ornamentals are flowering and living up to their names. Even the common native trees like the redbuds and flowering dogwoods are flashing their brightest...

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Community journalism
Posted Friday, January 27, at 11:15 AM

I like working for a small town newspaper. I don't think I would care to work for a big outfit like the New York Times or the Washington Post. Sure, I could probably make more money, but I just don't think I would like working in a newsroom with 53 different editors and 200 reporters...

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Small town America
Posted Tuesday, December 27, at 9:42 AM

Christmas is past and it's back to business as usual for most folks this week, or is it? The telephones have been strangely quiet here at the Nevada Daily Mail this morning and so has the police scanner. An earlier trip to the courthouse showed very little activity on the Square and parking would not be a problem if you had business in the courthouse...

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Winter is finally here
Posted Tuesday, December 6, at 2:51 PM

Each year here at the Nevada Daily Mail we do a year in review of all the major stories we have covered. Each writer is assigned several months to look back on and summarize. This year I drew Feb., July and Nov. As I was looking back at July, I remembered that blast furnace like heat that shriveled crops and dried up the streams and ponds. I hated it then and actually wrote a bit in this forum about my disdain for summer heat...

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Crazy holiday shopping
Posted Friday, November 25, at 1:24 PM

Some time back I wrote about the way I see the world as being tipped off its axis and plunging into chaos. It is still a mad, mad, mad, world and that can be seen in the way that people go about shopping for a holiday gift. When I was a kid, my parents always left us with a sitter and did the shopping during a couple of weekends prior to Christmas. ...

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It' hard to be an urban critter
Posted Thursday, November 10, at 11:47 AM

Nevada is a great town, as towns go, and part of the reason I like it here is its proximity to the country. Ten minutes in any direction puts me out in the rural areas where I lived for most of my adult life and where I can see a variety of wildlife. ...

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It's always a holiday to someone!
Posted Wednesday, September 7, at 2:46 PM

When I began this blog I mentioned that I might occasionally write about books. I figured it's time I did that. I read a lot. I read the classics, and philosophy, poetry and political satire are some of the subjects I enjoy. You might think that with the word holiday in the title of this blog that I am going to write about Theodore Roosevelt's book "A Booklovers Holidays in the Open," But you would be wrong, I'm not really going to write about books at all; I'm going to write about holidays...

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It's a mad mad mad world
Posted Wednesday, August 10, at 2:50 PM

The falling stock market prompted me to tell someone this morning that if I were an investor, I would put my money into Serta. They looked at me quizzically. "That's right," I said, "Serta; the perfect sleeper." I'd slice that thing open and make a perfectly padded portfolio of it...

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The youth fair always impresses me.
Posted Friday, July 22, at 1:46 PM

For several years now I have been covering the youth fair and the great kids of Vernon County never fail to surprise me. It is hard to believe, for someone that never did such things, how much work and preparation the children of the county put into the fair every year. ...

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Where's all that snow?
Posted Friday, July 8, at 8:14 AM

It wasn't that long ago that many people were wishing for all of the snow to be gone and swimming weather to be here. I wasn't one of them, mind you, I like snow and cold weather, but even I got tired of the cold weather this past year. It just seemed to hang on forever as though it were in a hand to hand fight with the warm weather. Soon after the big snow of last year there a lot of people who wanted to see the warm weather many of us are cussing right now...

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This whole blogging thing
Posted Thursday, April 21, at 11:51 AM

This whole blogging thing is new to me, but I thought I might give it a whirl. I can remember when a friend tried to give me a computer many years ago and I told him that I didn't have any use for one. Now I have one in my home, use one at work every day and carry similar technology around with me just about everywhere I go. ...

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