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It's a mad mad mad world

Posted Wednesday, August 10, 2011, at 2:50 PM

The falling stock market prompted me to tell someone this morning that if I were an investor, I would put my money into Serta. They looked at me quizzically. "That's right," I said, "Serta; the perfect sleeper." I'd slice that thing open and make a perfectly padded portfolio of it.

With my money there, safely secreted under my own comfortable backside, I'd be reasonably sure that the banks wouldn't lose it for me; corporate greed wouldn't wheedle me out of it and the government couldn't send it some place I've never heard of to rebuild a country or feed starving people that hate me just because I live here. The entire world has gone mad, mad , mad I tell you.

Wars, famine, political corruption, natural disasters, personal apathy, national debt, European financial crises, Mid-east unrest, falling stock markets, rising gold prices, looming military threats, unreliable allies, ordinary lying, cheating and stealing, and more national and international issues than you can shake a stick at show the world to be tipped off its axis and plunging into chaos. But hey, the recession's over, right!

Well, I've decided that I am not going with it. I will do the best I can with frozen wages, melting polar caps, reduced benefits, increasing energy prices, expensive food, cheaply made goods, tight credit and loose lips. I'll keep trying to live a decent life in an indecent world. I'll do my best to be positive in the negatively charged atmosphere.

It's not my fault the government is out of touch, society is in denial. And no one seems to be able to identify the problem let alone correct the situation. One day jobs are being created, but unemployment is up; that's seasonally adjusted, of course. The next day millions are out of work, out of a place to live and out of hope, but corporate profits are secure, that's an adjusted quarterly figure, of course, so why go back to the way things were.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you can milk the cow just as easily from a three-legged stool as from one with four legs, then the three-legged option wins every time. Old Bossie doesn't know the difference. She is drained just the same and sent back to the pasture to replenish her exploitable resource.

And so it will get worse. Banks will pay you two percent and charge you twelve. Kids in your neighborhood will go hungry but Uncle Sam will see to it that third world urchins are sent food and resources that corrupt leaders will steal or divert. Taxpayers will keep funding wars they don't believe in and corporations will keep pulling down huge profits. Yes, war is very profitable for some. The Halliburtons and Blackwaters and contractors of that ilk will make a literal killing while stepping on the little people and making a mess of their already exploited, polluted, corrupted nest.

I tell you it's a mad, mad, mad world and I don't know where it is all going to end, but I've got a "sneaking suspicion" as my Dad used to say that the worst of it is yet to come and it's likely to end badly. Somebody prove me wrong; please!

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Mr. Murry you seem to be dead on. Enjoyed reading your thoughts. At 59 I am now mature enough to look back and compare today, with what was in a better era. I am able to note the differences and there are things that stand out. A few years ago I saw the future before it happened.I saw the time coming when local convenience stores would stop selling 12oz cans of pop. It has come to pass. A number of your local convenience stores now do not sell cans of 12oz pop. That size has always been what I have grown up with from being a kid. It is natural to buy that size and not a 20 ounce size. I never desired a larger size. The kids of today, I feel sorry for them as they are being manipulated by a society that functions off greed (money) without regard for people or the harm their greed causes to innocent others. Yes, you can go to the fountain drinks and sometimes pay a little less for a soda than in a 12oz can but I don't want 32oz of a sugary drink because that is more than my body desires, and besides, after a little bit the ice dilutes the flavor and diluted soda is not appealing. When I started noticing the location of where the canned pop was being placed (hard to reach), I knew the future. Now the easy to reach product is a 20 ounce pop. I thought we had a weight problem in America. It's epidemic they say. It's on the news all the time and it's now become the children and young people who are making the headlines in respect to this weight problem. Despite this very damaging problem that everyone has to try and deal with, we have these pop companies promoting their product (which is full of sugar and one of the major problems in weight), to the kids and it's all about greed (money) with no concern for the consumer or the problems it causes. Now, if you want a 12 ounce can of pop you are presented with the options.

1. buy a 20 ounce size or a fountain drink which is usually larger than 20 ounces. I have an issue with this mentality. Sadly the kids don't seem to realize that 20 ounce bottles are not the norm but you'd have to be more mature to catch that. If a young kid starts life buying 20 ounce bottles then he thinks that's normal because he wasn't there when the 12 ounce was available. What you are exposed to is what you know.

Where are the people with the power to control things? Where are the people who could tell the pop companies "Hey, wait a minute here, what the hell do you think your doing?" Greed is probably the answer. I'll look forward to your posts.

-- Posted by wmvincent on Thu, Aug 25, 2011, at 3:48 AM

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