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It's always a holiday to someone!

Posted Wednesday, September 7, 2011, at 2:46 PM

When I began this blog I mentioned that I might occasionally write about books. I figured it's time I did that. I read a lot. I read the classics, and philosophy, poetry and political satire are some of the subjects I enjoy. You might think that with the word holiday in the title of this blog that I am going to write about Theodore Roosevelt's book "A Booklovers Holidays in the Open," But you would be wrong, I'm not really going to write about books at all; I'm going to write about holidays.

One of my favorite books of poetry is by a New England poet named Galway Kinnell. Much the same as Robert Frost, Kinnell writes down to earth poetry that you don't need a degree in English to make sense of. However, the book "A Selected New Poems" by Kinnell contains the following short poem that is pretty thick. The title of this short work is simply "Prayer." It is only a few words and goes like this. "Whatever happens. Whatever what is is is what I want. Only that. But that."

Fourteen words that leaves a reader scratching their head and wondering what the Dickens he was trying to say. Now if you don't have that English degree and want to understand this better, you missed your chance on August 17 during the Meaning of Is Day. The Meaning of Is Day is one of those obscure holidays that litter the calendar that none of us get paid for.

There are hundreds of them and if Aug. 17 wasn't good for you, next year you can try Poets Day a little later in the month. I wouldn't expect to learn much about the subject of is or Galway Kinnell on Bad Poets Day though which falls on the 18th, because Kinnell is well respected among contemporary poets.

We have already missed out on all the cool holidays of August, but never fear there are several coming up this month. Tuesday was Mad Hatter Day. National Grouch Day is on the 15th of this month and if you miss that, you can still enjoy Cranky Co-Worker day on the 21st. In between those two observances make sure and celebrate my personal favorite, National Talk Like a Pirate Day on the 19th.

Do you know what a pirate's favorite fast food restaurant is? Why it's Arrrrrbys, of course. Harr--harr--harr. What a fun day! Each and every month is full of great holidays that we can all enjoy. Did you know that September is Happy Cat Month and be kind to Editors and Writers Month. It's a great month and I hope my editor and I can continue to be kind to each other and get along. You can celebrate Ann Bradstreet Day if you're of a literary bent and have some clue to who she was or Big Whopper Liars Day if your just a story teller and not a writer. Right now, this week, is Popeye Week. Can you believe that, "shiver me timbers," my childhood idol has his own day!

And there is just as much going on next month. October is Bat Appreciation Month and Cut Out Dissection Month. That's kind of crazy any way you slice it up. If you want a week to celebrate instead of a day, Oct. has National Carry a Tune Week, Chestnut Week and Give Wildlife a Break Week. Their going to get a break all right. Most hunting seasons open in October.

This could go on long enough to make a writer hungry. That's okay, the month also recognizes chili, caramel, pears, pineapples and rhubarb. And I found it odd that Eat Country Ham Day falls during Vegetarian Month.

These wacky holidays are bona fide calendar events according to brownielocks.com. They have been officially listed and recognized. In order for the site to claim that, the holiday "must have a validated origin source and/or official sponsor (meaning someone who actually takes responsibility for following through on observing this on a national or state level, and not just the "creator" of the idea of it) and have it registered in Chase's Calander of Events."

All of these noted events have been sanctioned or vetted by an act of the president or congress, a state legislature, county or local government, organization, business or others. I think somebody has too much holiday time. I think I would rather try to figure out Whatever what is is. All kidding aside, Kinnell is a wonderful poet and most of his poetry is very accessible to the average reader. Much of his work can be found online. Make sure to read "The Dead Shall Be Raised Incorruptible."

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