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Crazy holiday shopping

Posted Friday, November 25, 2011, at 1:24 PM

Some time back I wrote about the way I see the world as being tipped off its axis and plunging into chaos. It is still a mad, mad, mad, world and that can be seen in the way that people go about shopping for a holiday gift.

When I was a kid, my parents always left us with a sitter and did the shopping during a couple of weekends prior to Christmas. Our Christmas tree went up sometime during the month of December and presents were under it as soon as it went up. Now they may have been hiding stuff in the closets all summer long, but I don't think so.

The Christmas shopping now is just plain crazy. My mother and father would look at you like you were nuts if you told them that you had to be at the WalMart at midnight to catch the best buys. And if you told them that you would be out most of the night, I'm sure they would just shake their heads in wonder.

I don't understand it. But I don't have a long shopping list either. I have two children, their spouses and a total of four grandchildren that I purchase gifts for. My two sisters and one brother and I have long since stopped buying gifts for each other.

Even if I had 75 people on my list, I am not going to WalMart or anywhere else at midnight to buy stuff. I'm not buying into all that corporate crud and fiscal folly. And don't try to sell me something with some slick ad. If I want to purchase something, I will get out there and find it myself.

And shopper beware, if you go shoving me to get to the best deal first, I ain't gonna stand still for that. But then again I might. You never know who is going to pull out a gun and take a pop at you. Maybe they will use pepper spray. Or much to your shock they just might pull out a stun gun and make that red light special just a little less special.

Yep, it's still a mad mad, mad world and I intend on keeping my little part of it as normal as possible by shopping during the normal business hours, keeping all of my weapons at home and remembering what the original meaning of the season is in the first place. Happy holidays to all.

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