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Spring colors

Posted Monday, March 19, 2012, at 1:00 PM

The mild winter has melted into a colorful spring and the hues of new life are flashing themselves throughout the city. A short drive around Nevada will show a rainbow of colors to anyone willing to take notice.

Fruit trees are blooming in various shades of pink and white in preparation for a new crop. Ornamentals are flowering and living up to their names. Even the common native trees like the redbuds and flowering dogwoods are flashing their brightest.

Flowers are in evidence all over town. Even a bright yellow dandelion adds a spark of color to a solid green lawn. Others like the crocuses and tulips that people have planted in their yards are putting on a show. All over town in half-barrels, along sidewalks and in small patches and large gardens, there are tulips and phlox and other purple, red, blue, pink and white splashes making our city a pleasure to drive through.

I spend a lot of time photographing wildflowers each spring, but it is a bit early for most of them, so the city color has given me something to whet my shutterbug appetite on until the Indian paintbrush and blazing star begin to color the native prairies in the area.

There are other wild flowers that grow along the rivers and in the forests and roadside ditches. Some of the flowers found outside of the city, originally came from came a domestic source. Daffodils can often be found in the middle of nowhere, and so can irises. A close look around will probably reveal an old house or homestead nearby where the blooms got their start.

The irises are not blooming yet, but when they do, they can be found almost anyplace in the county. I have always liked the irises. They are so delicate that it seems strange that they are so hard to kill. They come in such a broad variety of colors that it is easy to mix a bouquet. I used to pick the irises out of the roadways each spring and take them home to my wife when I had spent a little too much time on the river snagging or hunting mushrooms.

They made a peace offering that we could both enjoy for several days. I still cut a few of them each spring for my house even though I am divorced. Perhaps I spent too much time snagging and mushroom hunting and not enough time paying attention to the flowers.

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