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Weekdays, weekends and plastic worms

Posted Thursday, May 24, 2012, at 5:58 PM

The unusually warm winter and the great spring we have had really got things in Vernon County growing. Some of the farmers have already been cutting some hay and the wheat is starting to take on that golden hue that means it is ripe and ready to harvest.

Spring is a busy time here at the Daily Mail. With planting and severe weather and all the school graduations and different events going on, it is not uncommon for some of us to work short hours on the weekends. It's usually just for a couple of hours a day, but some of the things we cover are some of the best stuff in the county.

I work days in the newsroom, and everyone else on the newsroom staff of six works at night. A lot of things go on during the evening hours that I don't get to cover, but I sometimes go to them anyway. They are the things that make me part of the community.

So is the weekend stuff. This past weekend I was supposed to cover the testing of the VCAD rescue boat. I did and it was fun. I have covered VCAD enough to know many of those people and we all got a laugh out of it when one of the members got into the lake without burping his suit. The result was that he bobbed around in Walton Lake like a human cork with overinflated legs that just wouldn't stay in the water.

While at the lake, a call came in about the truck that rolled out of Woods parking lot and into a pole. I was on my way out to the Schowe and Shine Car Show anyway, so I stopped in there and talked to a Nevada firefighter for a bit and then shot some photos of the truck. The motorists trying to get around an obviously closed road had the fire fighter a bit exasperated, but he took it in stride and politely pointed them in the right direction.

I went on to the car show and had great conversations with several community members there and shot a bunch of good photos. I like my job and I don't mind covering a weekend story.

Some of the really fun stuff in the county happens then, but we can't get it into the paper until Tuesday, so its kind of like I get to keep those great parts of the community to myself for a couple of days. I spent the rest of my weekend catching some hungry bass, not counting the one that broke off my plastic worm. That's another great thing about spring and Vernon County. The bass are hungry and local ponds have some great fishing in them.

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