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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Second Romney 'brainwashed'

Posted Friday, January 27, 2012, at 8:21 PM

You'd think a guy like Mitt Romney would always get his money's worth, but as soon as the South Carolina returns were in, it was clear he had been poorly served by advisors who should've seen his vulnerability to the tax returns issue and decided how to handle it well in advance of Gingrich's challenge. Romney has disciplined himself since 2008 and become a better candidate, but his innate dislike of the rowdy process led him to act more like a big-headed CEO than a clear-eyed politician, relying on yes men instead of pros who could've have helped protect him from himself.

Considering the disappointment it brought his dad, Michigan Gov. George Romney (1907-95), the last word he would use to explain his performance is "brainwashed;" but you can see it in the way self-delusion spreads to one's sycophants and is reinforced by them. Romney the Younger is an impressive man -- highly accomplished, personally moral, presidential-looking and a good son. I have always thought he wants to achieve the presidency for his dad, who was a strong candidate for the '68 Republican nomination until saying on TV that Army generals had brainwashed him into backing the Vietnam War.

In an exclusive '08 interview with me in Midland, Texas, that had rival reporters wringing their hands outside, Romney was well-versed on the issues but remote. I wouldn't say robotic, but he seemed to resent a question about the fairness of criticisms of his religion and was much friendlier later on stage than he had been in private. A host of Midlanders had stated their dubiety of his religious and governmental beliefs before his visit, and many conservatives now feel that he would be little better than President Obama. The trouble is that they remain divided among Paul, Santorum and Gingrich, but with the nation's 42 million Democrats to 30 million Republicans, the GOP cannot win unless it is united.

Romney has tried hard to seem more personable and succeeded to a degree, although all his Republican rivals are naturally friendlier. Whether or not you agree with Obama's policies, his winning personality is a big part of his politics along with the hope that the terrorists hate us less with him out front. Lots of folks will again "vote for the man," but that's somewhat ill-founded like the "independent" affiliation when there are no independent candidates. My counsel is to vote for the party of your choice regardless of its nominee because the party and nothing but the party is what you will end up with. As reporters always learn, politics takes a strong stomach, amplifying "strong" with "really" or "very" or just saying it takes a stomach like a Billy Goat's.

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Romney an impressive man, I guess if you feel being a trust fund baby, personally moral, yes his personal morals really work for him when he was a corporate raider. You are right he looks like someone from hollywood casting what a president looks like the only problem is it always appears he is an empty suit. Is this the true Romney or is he just acting the part? Romney is flawed and was disregarding in 08 why does he think things will change in 2012? as for independent, I wish there was another party, I wish we had a choose at least a none of the above would suffice.

-- Posted by endersgame on Fri, Feb 3, 2012, at 4:02 PM

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