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Conway Haggard and Patsy Wynette

Posted Friday, February 17, 2012, at 7:39 PM

Along with the historic figures of country music, there have been many almost that good whose names were somewhat similar to the stars'. Some are no longer carrying their guitars onto bandstands and stages, but in their time they had good recognition and lots of fans.

Conway Haggard and Ernest Jones had many nights in the neon, as did Merle Twitty and George Tubb, singing of hard-loving, hard-working folks in songs like "I'm Gettin' Rubbed the Wrong Way by the Calloused Hands of Time" and "Why Did You Have to Leave Me With So Many Fish to Clean?

Waylon Cash, Hank Nelson, Johnny Jennings, Willie Williams, Marty Frizzell and Lefty Robbins led the way for such stars of their stripes as Luke Chesney, Blake Paisley, Kenny Bryan, Brad Shelton, Toby Urban and Keith Keith.

With near-classics like "Whiskey on Your Whiskers" and "I'll Kiss You through the Bars," Patsy Wynette, Loretta Wells, Tammy Cline, Kitty Lynn, Tanya Parton and Dolly Tucker brought their industry through the days of bouffant hairdos and puffy skirts for modern day counterparts Taylor Twain, LeAnn McBride, Shania Swift, Martina Rimes, Alison Judd, Wynonna Krauss and the Postbellum Babes.

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