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Is Romney as astute?

Posted Thursday, April 19, 2012, at 5:29 PM

Well, the spotlight is really on Mitt Romney now as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and source of the next big story of the year -- his choice for vice president. I have predicted that it will be Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who would bring his enthusiastic Libertarian-leaning backers with him. That still makes sense because, as sort of a national conservatives' favorite son, Paul could mean a one- to three-point bump in a host of states. The other one I've been thinking about lately is Newt Gingrich of Georgia, who would also help in South Carolina, whose primary he won, and across the South, where Romney is weak. Anything less than a solid South makes it tough for a Republican.

Past Paul and Gingrich, the speculation gets wild and even sappy. In this vein, everybody is a candidate, even some who would be as unprepared as Sarah Palin. I think there has been too much negative dialogue between Santorum and Romney for Santorum to be tapped. You could say, 'Unite the Party;" but notwithstanding Santorum's impressive performance, I'm not sure how big of an asset he would be. He was responsible for most of the anti-woman rhetoric and he is not even all that strong in his home state of Pennsylvania. Romney promises someone eminently qualified, but that's a short list.

The ideal for a VP nominee is to enter the water as smoothly as a diver. A splash means trouble because you want everyone to say, "Oh, him," and for the attention to shift immediately back to the presidential candidate like it did with Biden and Obama. Let's see if Romney is as astute.

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