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Romney's trend

Posted Friday, October 12, 2012, at 9:50 PM

The full significance of the first Obama-Romney debate is yet to be seen, but it was important inasmuch as it changed the tenor of the race. There was a lot of dissatisfaction with Obama, but Romney's heavily publicized verbal faux pas had established widespread doubts about whether he was a viable alternative. The debate seemed to assuage those concerns, at least with voters who were not unalterably with the prez.

The benefits to the Republican were immediately evident as ensuing polls showed him turning things around in swing states and with women and young people. The debate's 67 million viewers saw a much different man than they'd been seeing portrayed in most of the media -- friendly, articulate, reassuring and above all "presidential." He might win if he keeps it up in the second and third debates, and that should be doable with the top trouble spots being Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt and Libya. Even if he doesn't know much about the world, it should be easy to get his story straight on four countries.

Big time politics turn on statistical trends. Romney is surfing a tsunami that might prove even more dynamic than has yet been perceived and the phenomenon could stay in play through Nov. 6 as folks observe a candidate whose every characteristic is at odds with his pre-Oct. 3 image.

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Romney's loss can boil down to 2 issues: Mendacity and Disclosure. His whale-size lies (I'll create 12 mill jobs) and hiding tax reports and offshore accounts were a strong slap on the face of voters. 0000000000000.

In real estate not DISCLOSING can cost agents their license. Buyers/sellers who won't DISCLOSE are known as CHEATS, CROOKS, PHONIES. Romney's 2009 tax report shows how much he profited ($15-Mill or $115-Mill?) through wife Ann's investment in the Singer syndicate, once in control of Delphi, which eliminated every single UAW job, 25,000, and moved auto-parts production to Mexico and China. Mr Governor, DISCLOSE, DISCLOSE, DISCLOSE your zealously guarded 2009 report and let us citizens judge you on the merits.

What's worse than Bush Reborn? A crooked Bush.

-- Posted by borderat on Mon, Nov 5, 2012, at 9:48 PM

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