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Cell Phone Etiquette

Posted Monday, February 1, 2010, at 12:46 PM

One of the things that irritate me is the lack of Cell Phone Etiquette. You know what I'm talking about!.. So many things that we see and even caught ourselves doing that we wouldn't think of doing 10 years ago.

Can you imagine 15 years ago, how you felt when a person is talking to you and then was disrupted because of a phone call? No big deal, right? its happens alot, we can't foresee or do not have physic powers to know when the phone rings. But I remember a time, when the phone rang while engaging in a conversation, the person would apologize and explain that they need to get to the phone..

we understand, we are understanding people. But what about today, what have we seen happening? Well, often, the abruptly answer the cell phone, without excusing themselves.

then they ramble on, talking on the cell, talking about little things.. Then, your conversation becomes second place.. We would kick ourselves for doing that decades ago.

Now, now heres my favorite (Sarcastically Speaking) talking on the cell while ordering their food. Have you ever seen that? Here they are talking to two different people, like they can handle two conversation at the same time.. Very irritating. Is there any wonder why McDonald had placed a sign at the drive-in to turn off cell phones?

Whats wrong with saying, I will have to call back?

Another negative vibe about cell phone usage, is that, here I am Hard of Hearing, and I have to turn my aids off because a person in close range feels the need to yell in his cell phone. Thats what my family tells me when I'm on the phone, primarily because I turn my aids off and turn it to telephone pickup so I do not hear my own voice. I just witness this yesterday at my favorite Restaurant. A cell phone user was very loud.. Even the person that was at his table, was shrinking down at his seat and looked uncomfortable, well, yeah, I know that because I was too.

Remember the times, that you will be walking along and then all the sudden, a person was talking to you. And you thought that you need to be nice and continue the conversation only to find out that the person was not talking to you.. They had an bluetooth earphone that they were actively having a conversation with the caller. Boy, that created an embarrassing moment for me but created an surprised look at the other person.

Heres some Etiquette found at this link below. I copied 8 points to keep in mind


1. When a Private Conversation Isn't Possible. Intimate public settings such as restaurants, public restrooms, waiting rooms, hallways, buses, subways or anywhere a private conversation is not possible is a bad place for a cell phone conversation. To practice good cell phone etiquette, put the ringer on vibrate or silent mode and let the call roll over to voice mail. If it's an important call, step outside or to a secluded area to return the call. If that's not possible and you must take the call, keep your voice low and the conversation brief. Let the caller know you'll get back to them when you're able.

2. Lights Out, Phone Off. Phones should be turned off in movie theaters, playhouses, observatories or any other public place that creates an atmosphere to transport the imagination of the audience. People pay good money to be entertained and a ringer breaks the illusion.

3. Modulate Your Voice. Cell phones have sensitive microphones that can pick up a very soft voice while blocking out ambient noise. Yelling into a cell phone is not necessary. When people are nearby, be considerate and keep your voice low, your tone unemotional and even, and your conversation private. Arguing or airing dirty laundry in public is very poor cell phone etiquette.

4. Observe the 10-foot Proximity Rule. Maintain a distance of at least 10-feet (3 meters) from the nearest person when talking on a cell phone. No matter how quietly you speak, if standing too close to others they are forced to overhear your personal business.

5. Keep It Short. Keep public conversations brief and get back to the caller when you're not in a public place.

6. Love the One You're With. It's rude to take a cell phone call on a date or during a social engagement with others. It's also inconsiderate to take a call in the middle of a conversation. If the caller were present he or she would likely wait to politely interrupt at a more appropriate time. Let the call roll to voice mail and return it later.

7. Drive Now, Talk Later. Multitasking isn't always a good thing. Some evidence shows that accidents are on the rise due to cell phone use. Most calls can wait until you've reached your destination, and if a call is upsetting or distracting pull over to have the conversation.

8. Use Common Sense. Turn off your phone before a job interview, presentation, or boardroom meeting. Leave it off at funerals, weddings, or anyplace a quiet atmosphere is mandated, such as a courthouse, library, museum, or place of worship.

so lets concentrate on better Cell Phone Etiquette in 2010!

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The last time I was in Century 6 theaters a girl talked on her cell phone throughout the entire movie. My son knew her, she was from middle school. The woman with her, her mother I assume, never said a word.

-- Posted by Leland Gaunt on Wed, Mar 31, 2010, at 10:48 AM

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