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The Social Networking Hype

Posted Thursday, July 7, 2011, at 8:44 PM

Now we live in a world of Outstanding tools to communicate. So with ways to communicate quite easily and fast, does it mean we communicate better? Not really.

Have you ever communicated by using Facebook? It is quite interesting way to communicate with people around the world. But it can get quite addicting posting your thoughts on the 'wall'

Facebook has done a good job of exposing who people are. Thats good and thats bad. At least in Facebook, your profile can be private.

Not so with the new Google+. I got an invite to start using Google+ and as with any new shiny tool, I was excited. Sure, Google+ seems to have neat gadgets. I mean, I like the circle way of grouping your associations. Better way than with Facebook. Then they have what is called 'Hangout' which you can setup with your webcam and microphone and just 'Hangout'

But is this a good thing in our endeavor to communicate? Not going to speculate here. You won't find me exposing my picture or cam anywhere. Yikes,

There is one thing I do not like of Google+. All profiles have to be public. Yikes. Do not like that. I've always been taught, that we need to be careful of who we associate with and share our information.. That turns me off, not that I am active user of Facebook, but at least with FB, you can be more private.

Anyhow, nothing beats, talking face to face with people you know and want to hangout with. Now, I guess FB and G+ have their place, but I'd rather just sit down and have a drink with someone. Now thats communications!

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get R' done good buddy, i just got me one of them there computers and i'm all thinking facebook is evil. Well partner keep up the reads, yeehaw

-- Posted by LakeMinnetonkaMuskrat on Fri, Jul 8, 2011, at 4:04 PM

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