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Show Your Green!
Posted Friday, March 14, at 8:00 PM
This weekend St. Patricks Day will be observed around the area here are some happening events.... Reply to this post with more if you hear of them. Friday, March 14 -- Dangerous Doug Harper at the Eagles Lodge from 8 p.m. until Midnight. The new CD "Hodge-Podge of Future Hit songs" will be available for $7 that night or on download card for $5...

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Music Needed
Posted Wednesday, January 15, at 1:03 PM

More live music shows are needed in Nevada, Mo. If you have one coming up, or know of one, please post on the comments so we know about it.

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This Town Needs Heroes
Posted Monday, December 2, at 1:57 PM

Nevada Missouri needs heroes when it comes down to the live music. People are needed at the live events to keep the musical economy going, and to keep the venues wanting to keep bringing live music back. We also need people that want to spread the word, and are enthusiastic about the music, people to spread the word about this very blog and the bands that get mentioned here. ...

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Holiday Music
Posted Thursday, November 21, at 11:43 PM

Happy Holidays to you all! I wish you all the very best this season, and hope you are able to get out and find some good old live music during this time of the year. Lots of gatherings, and holiday parties for work and such are going on, and there is a good chance that one of them just might have a DJ or live band making or spinning some great music, so go ahead and embrace the chance to get that feel good feel of music!...

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Halloween Music & Nightlife
Posted Thursday, October 31, at 3:28 PM

Halloween is always a big time for music and nightlife in and around our area whether it be a live band, open jukebox, karaoke, or Disc Jockey there is always big attendance and lots of costume contests. When the holiday falls mid week is always hard to decide when to celebrate so some venues had parties last weekend but here is a list of some of the big events going on this weekend in celebration of the Halloween holiday...

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More music!
Posted Monday, July 22, at 1:54 PM

The hottest part of the year is here and live music in the area keeps cooling us down! Recently the Shane Moses band had a stellar show at the Chuggers in Sheldon, Mo., after their appearance at Wier America in Wier, Kan., and performed for 75 people at the "Music on the Square" here in Nevada a few weeks ago...

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Rain or Shine Music is There!
Posted Wednesday, June 19, at 6:43 PM

So far this season we have not had to cancel any of the Thursday events called "Music on the Square" in downtown Nevada despite the fact that there has been quite a bit of rain and late cold temperatures this year. The MOTS committee has been able to find a rain-out location each week and the performers show up and perform anyway rain or shine! With that said this week will be no different, and we have got dibs on the community center in the event of a downpour this week. ...

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Upcoming "Music on the Square" performances
Posted Thursday, April 18, at 10:59 AM

Spring time always heats up in the music world around good old Vernon County! There are a lot of shows coming up so I will spare no time and tell you all about it. Wednesday Nights at 9pm at Backroads Steakhouse features: Petrified Jellyfish, an acoustic duo showcasing their own original music each week...

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Music on the Square
Posted Thursday, March 28, at 4:51 PM

"So we thing that we're important and we think that we make sense", and I do too. "You'll always be waiting", at least that is how the "Cake" song goes anyways. "It can seem like you are living like you are having a real good time", and we are! Music surrounds us so much that it is at our disposal, and so readily available, so NOW it's time to go out and "Experience the Scene". ...

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Music for Sale!
Posted Thursday, July 12, at 2:06 PM

Happy 4th of July! I know I'm a few days late. Better late than never right? Right! Of course it is always better to be late than never be there at all. This applys to live music events as well. We need you at the events so we are just happy to have you no matter what time you get there. So with that said hope to see you at one of these fun nights of music!...

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Two Venues Close, But the Music Heats Up! Big Time
Posted Tuesday, May 29, at 10:03 PM

Venue? Well in the performing world that simply means a place that hosts entertainment. Sadly two doors closed last month, Vikings, and Armadillo Sound Studio. This month one venue steps it up to pick up the slack, and readys its self for serious entertainment all sumer long! That venue... ...

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Music in May is Here!
Posted Monday, April 30, at 4:58 PM

Look out for a great month coming in with lots of musical events going on! Monday Nights the Nevada Chamber is now hosting "Music on the Square" with a unique performer each week! Ike Richmond is scheduled for May 14, myself, Dangerous Doug Harper for May 21st! Watch the newspaper for other details, and performers as they unfold for the other upcomming weeks!...

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Upcoming events
Posted Tuesday, January 24, at 4:23 PM

Happy leap year everyone! I am ever so excited that this year will have one more day to jam out than the past three, and yes, jam we must! Here are the upcoming events for the end of January and into February 2012. Saturday January 21 will be Dangerous Doug Harper in concert. The solo acoustic, and live CD recording of "South Street and Grand" will be held at Armadillo Sound Studio in Nevada, MO at 8pm with the general admission $5, seniors $3, and students $1. The event is for all ages...

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New Years Eve in the Near Distance
Posted Tuesday, December 27, at 7:12 PM

With New Years Eve in the near distance, there will be a lot of holiday parties going on and yep, you guessed it, live music! So to get you all up to speed with what is going on in the area, here are the events that include live music in our area that could be found at this time:...

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It's November Time!
Posted Monday, November 7, at 7:47 PM

It's November Time! What's going on at Boomers Roadhouse, and at the Dillo? That is short for armadillo! On Wednesday nights at the Armadillo Sound Studio you are invited to attend the Dollar Jam! It ONLY costs one dollar to get in and watch, hang out, perform, criticize and or applaud! This jam is proudly hosted by Steven Shutters and it starts at 8pm and ends not before 11 pm (but usually goes on until about midnight) we all have a fun time and hope to see you there!...

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Attendance is Necessary, Arrive Late if You Must!
Posted Friday, October 21, at 4:19 PM

This month has a lot going on including a fundraiser event, a local band getting to open for a major tour, and so many Halloween parties in town! The next two weeks are packed with so much music it's scary! Marci Mitchell will be at the fundraiser for the Joe Rayburn family at the Eagles in Nevada Missouri on Saturday October 23, 2011. The event will start at 4pm then the band will take stage at 8pm. Bring your family and friends to help out the family in their time of grief...

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Halloween Gets Howling!
Posted Thursday, October 13, at 5:53 PM

Live music is up in the area so much that we have missed a few of the events going on in the area. So if you know of something that you would like to see on here please feel free to message me via Facebook at www.facebook.com/thedougharper with details or just post about it in the comments under the blog. I think we all want to see the music scene grow and more people getting out to see the music!...

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Upcoming local events
Posted Monday, September 12, at 8:22 PM

Summer is at its end and things are cooling down in Nevada-Town! It's always great to hear of a win for the NHS Tigers as football begins! Then it is also always great when the temperatures start to cool down and everyone gears up for the shopping and entertainment season in Nevada Missouri! This weekend will kick off the season with the annual Walker Fun Days, and the semi-annual City Wide Shopping Days in the area! So there will be lots to do this weekend. ...

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What's coming up for August and September?
Posted Monday, August 8, at 10:35 PM

I have to start this week out with an apology. I have had to miss a couple events as of late because of being under the weather, and with just too many tasks on the slate it really bogged me down. I will be bouncing back and just wanted to let you know what was up if you missed me at an event as of late. ...

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Music on the Home Front
Posted Friday, July 29, at 5:39 PM

As the music world for most musicians has its wicked way and the travesty comes to pass, most performing artists and bands eventually tour or travel to gig. It's an exciting time when a band gets to go on tour but sometimes it winds up becoming no fun if your band ends up stranded on the side of the road. ...

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