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Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2016
Matt Snook in Ft. Scott
Posted Tuesday, February 2, at 3:45 AM
Country recording artist and The Voice Season 8 contestant kicks off the 2016 season LIVE at the Liberty Theatre on Saturday, 6th February! Matt Snook performs domestically and internationally for the United States armed forces men and women. Additionally, he was on Team Blake Shelton on Season 8 of the Voice. ...

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Top Ten Music Scene Resolutions Pt. 10
Posted Wednesday, January 27, at 11:09 PM

1 - Produce a better show It all starts with making better music live at the shows. When people come to see you make sure your sound is the best you can make it, make sure you are in tune, etc. It does not always cost huge amounts to have a good presentation. A lot of the presentation is just how you present it. Order, arrangement for the venue, volume, stage clothing, color scheme, lighting, mood of the room...

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Top Ten Music Scene Resolutions Pt. 9
Posted Wednesday, January 27, at 10:57 PM

2 - Make a better product For our area product really is non-existant, and that really makes me sad. I feel like for me personally that I actually produce a lot of products, yet they go un noticed because local music lacks products as a whole. My CDs would always sell better in Joplin than in Nevada each month. ...

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Top Ten Music Scene Resolutions Pt. 8
Posted Wednesday, January 27, at 10:38 PM

3- More publicity ALWAYS Ok so I know I have said this in almost all of the resolutions to some degree, which is exactly why it gets its very own. Publicity is super important for the music scene. On a local level the music scene and its participants have to get some sort of press and media attention in the form that can not be purchased. ...

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Top Ten Music Scene Resolutions Pt. 7
Posted Wednesday, January 27, at 10:11 PM

4 - Let's all better network Seriously we all need to communicate more between each other. What I mean is we should all know what each other is doing, and if we don't we are failing. If we don't know the majority does not know. We are the internal sales people for our big company. ...

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Top Ten Music Scene Resolutions Pt. 6
Posted Wednesday, January 27, at 9:56 PM

5 - Make sure to buy the album This is a resolution that goes across the board to all of us music fans. We need to remember that it is hard for Ozzy Osborne to sell music the same as it is hard for me, and you, the songwriters, and bands, to sell our tunes. Every one needs financial support to sustain, and as does our music scene...

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Top Ten Music Scene Resolutions Pt. 5
Posted Wednesday, January 27, at 8:48 PM

6 - Think about the audience I know we all have the audience in mind when we are getting ready, and performing for them, but we don't think about them enough. This year all the performers in the area need to think more about our audience in the area as a whole. We all represent the live music around here so a bad experience will affect all of our overall reputations, so lets all put it in our minds to make a better experience for our audience with ways to improve...

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Top Ten Music Scene Resolutions Pt. 4
Posted Wednesday, January 27, at 7:39 PM

7 - Don't give up too soon Now here is a resolution! I see this happening all of the time people are giving up too soon, really before they even start. In a very small market such as our own little Vernon County, we don't always get the same type of chances that you might find in the big city, but sometimes we get better more unique opportunities but they don't look like an opportunity right away. ...

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Top Ten Music Scene Resolutions Pt. 3
Posted Friday, January 22, at 4:18 PM

8 - Have more; go to more shows This is probably a thought that comes around each year to many of us that are involved on the scene. So let's start tonight and go to a show in the area. If you are a musician get another show set up this month or play a first one, or go for a weekly event...

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Top Ten Music Scene Resolutions Pt. 2
Posted Tuesday, January 19, at 7:58 PM

9 - More Venues Another resolution that we really already have around here that just needs some tapping into. The truth is that there are literally dozens of venues in Vernon County that are under utilized. These are the area bars, pubs, restaurants, the winery, a community center, theaters, halls, a race track, ball fields, parks, churches, cafeterias, a coffee shop, a video store, motels, hotels, a bistro, an art shop, music on the square, the schools, colleges, and literally so much more out there that really is only being used about 40% of the time or less.. ...

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Top Ten Music Scene Resolutions Pt. 1
Posted Tuesday, January 19, at 2:43 AM

I have been trying to write this blog for a while now, and just keep stumbling over how to put it down with words. Finally inspiration struck me tonight as I freeze my toes off with all of this cold, cold weather. I emailed and asked around the music scene to find out just what everyone was thinking and this is what came out of their un-filtered mouths...

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What is up? Karaoke winter?
Posted Friday, January 8, at 6:06 PM

Every winter things heat up for the area music scene. As of late people are going karaoke crazy around here. Live bands are less and less a regular occurrence, and canned music is becoming a thing. There are a lot of hopefuls and many retired musicians that are out and about making their impromptu performances on the karaoke stages in Vernon County. ...

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Bring in 2016 twice!
Posted Friday, January 1, at 5:27 PM

Tonight we bring in the NEW YEAR 2016 for a SECOND TIME? That is correct 2016 will get brought in a second time tonight! Come celebrate with the The Music Express for a real deal social party experience! This event is the REAL DEAL, will be a Karaoke Party Experience! A night of music, dancing, singing, wild friends, mellow friends, great drink prices, awesome atmosphere, KICKING SOUND!, great wait staff, and bar. DID WE MENTION DANCING, LIVE GUITARIST, and SO MUCH MORE!...

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New Years Eve is Here!
Posted Thursday, December 31, at 12:43 PM

Are you ready for the new year to roll in with a bang? I hope that your 2016 is the BEST year ever! I have blogged the last few posts about some things going on for New Years Eve, but wanted to spotlight what is going on at Backroads Steakhouse with their event in this particular blog. At the bottom of the page there is a link to the other blog I wrote with mention of other events going on for New Years Eve so check it out as well...

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Booming at Boomer's Roadhouse tonight!
Posted Wednesday, December 30, at 5:47 PM

A cleverly announced event surfaced on the Facebook today. The Boomer's Roadhouse staff mentioned the event on the social media website with much enthusiasm for their pre New Years Eve party event that will go on this evening, Wednesday, December 30, 2015...

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Mainstream VS Underground
Posted Monday, December 28, at 8:39 PM

It is time to really get in touch with the mission at hand and that is building a better music scene. Along the way we might have talked about some of the past, or maybe just something a little off topic, but this year we are right on focus to the mainstream music here in the area. ...

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Santa on Main street this evening
Posted Wednesday, December 23, at 2:31 PM

Santa will be handing out candy canes on 1505 N. Main street at George Lee Masters house with all the lights tonight this Wednesday from 5:30 - 10 pm. Stop by with the kids for all the excitement.

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Fundraiser concert coming soon
Posted Tuesday, December 15, at 4:01 PM

A fundraiser is to be held at the Common Ground coffeehouse in Fort Scott, Kansas on Saturday, December 19, 2015. It will benefit Kayla Puterbaugh and music will be provided by the band "9 Mile March". The event starts at 7 p.m. and music will be in the Folk/Americana genre. Get out and have some fun, all the while supporting a good cause. Common Ground Coffee Co. is located at 116 South Main in St., Fort Scott, Kansas and for more information they can be reached at 620-223-2499...

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Santa at Backroads Steakhouse
Posted Monday, December 14, at 11:55 PM

Santa Clause is coming BACK to town and he will be visiting the Backroads Steakhouse Saturday, December 19, from 2 until 5 p.m. There will be food specials, games and chicken noodle dinner as well as a $4 corn dog meal for the kids. Santa visited on December 5, and had such a great time he decided to come back again...

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Barnstormers Storm 'Ol Subway
Posted Tuesday, December 8, at 6:25 PM

Friday night seriously you are in for a treat! The Barnstormers, an area southern rock, Red Dirt Country band, will storm the stage at 'Ol Subway in Nevada, MO. Among the features is a small $5 admission charge at 9 p.m. or come out early to have some all you can eat catfish while the grill is on from 5-9pm...

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