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Embrace your inner elf

Posted Wednesday, December 12, 2007, at 3:41 PM

Embrace your inner Elf.

It's a message on my favorite T-shirt.

OK, so those who know me well know I only own three T-shirts. But it's still my favorite.

The Christmas season is here, and with it come many memories, good and bad. But each one has something in common. Each year, some how, some way, someone has Honestly, with the way the weather's been, I haven't been witness to very much holiday spirit. Our messages of peace, joy and goodwill cross the country while news of bombings and terrorism cross over our desks daily. Then I read some of the Christmas cards made by local children for soldiers overseas. The spirit of Christmas was within them all, and it's travelling over land and sea, right now, to men and women who'll read them and know someone at home cares. Reflecting on that, I realize the holiday spirit is here, in us, starting with these children who embraced their inner elf, creating holiday joy for someone else.

My thoughts go back our first Christmas with our daughter. We'd just moved into an apartment, and she was two months old. Finances were tight that year. Funny, I don't remember feeling I'd missed out on anything. We had a tree, and we had the cutest little Christmas elf.... who often reminds me to look for my own inner elf when I've forgotten about it.

Then there's the Christmas when our oldest son was born. I didn't tell anyone of the labor pains I was having until after we opened the gifts. They hoisted me into the pickup -- no, not the back! The front seat, of course. It was cold. I was grumpy. My husband said, "I forgot to buy gas yesterday!" I didn't take this news well, but it turned out fine. A local convenience store was, in fact, open, we made it to the hospital in plenty of time, and he joined our family. The joy and excitement of that day will always be special. Many times since then, he's helped me to find my inner elf in so many ways as well.

Then there's our youngest son's first Christmas. Poor thing, we dressed him like an elf. At eight months old, he didn't object. His inner elf was on the outside. This year, he's 3 years old and all about the presents, but he'll learn of his inner elf soon enough.

This season, many local families are celebrating the holiday at a time of hardship. I've even heard some say they'd like to help, but don't feel they have enough money to help. But everyone can spread holiday spirit. A smile can help someone more than you may know. A kind word can do even more. Visit someone who's shut in. Volunteer at any one of dozens of events. Add your own personal glow to Vernon County's Christmas. Embrace your inner elf.

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