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Nick of Time

Posted Tuesday, December 18, 2007, at 12:20 PM

Here we go again...bringing you all the local news we can, in the Nick of Time.

Nick of Time, it seems, is quite a popular character in our industry, and in our lives.

He's at the crux of cliffhangers, the pivotal moment in plots -- not to mention his mastery of momentous marvels that change the outcome of all sorts of projects from the tiny to the titan.

The thing is, you don't really know for sure when, or if, he's going to show up -- unless of course, you're watching a Perry Mason court drama. But then, that's part of his charm, keeping us guessing about just when he'll once again save the day.

Of course, Nick of Time isn't a real person. Or gremlin. He's more likely really human ingenuity, creativity, fortitude and a dash of providence and good luck.

But what if he were? What would he look like? I envision a diminutive fellow who dresses in neutral colors. This enables him to slip quickly in and out of scenarios without being noticed. He'd have ears more sensitive than Underdog's, that point toward the sky like satellite dishes, enabling him to hear the cries of dispair that someone's out of the baking soda needed for that critical dessert or those in need of Nick of Time rescues around the world. He'd have long legs and wings that unfold to eight times his size, so he could speed to wherever he's needed in order to arrive in the Nick of Time.

He'd also have at least four, very long, elastic arms that would enable him to gather items needed from far an near, delivering them in ...the Nick of Time.

In any case, I hope he's not too busy right now. Sure, we finished today's paper in the Nick of Time ... but will there be a Nick of Time rescue for that Christmas shopping I haven't started yet?

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