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Supporting our troops, supporting our veterans

Posted Wednesday, June 25, 2008, at 5:47 PM

Kudos to the Twetens, Lawrence Daniels, Jim Monroe and all of the others who made the awards they recently brought home from the VFW's Missouri convention in Columbia. They don't toot their own horns very often, but these folks, like so many other organizations, spend a great deal of time doing things to support veterans in many ways. They regularly take gifts to the veteran's home in Mt. Vernon, conduct events that remind us all not to forget the sacrifices and service of all those who have served. They regularly send packages to Iraq...I could literally go on and on and on.

Congratulations, all of you, on your awards, and I hope we'll be reporting on your accomplishments and efforts for years to come, as well as the efforts of so many other groups in our areas, such as the Vietnam Veterans of America, the American Legion and countless other community groups who lend support in so many ways to those who have served.

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HOOAH!! I'm a very proud army wife and I just wanted to say congrats to these wonderful people that support my 'army family' you are all greatly appreciated!!! Keep up the great work!!! My husband is currently in Iraq (again) and let me tell you it feels so good to read your hometown newspaper and see that people are supporting your husband in a round about way!! When my husband was in basic training another army wife and I went up and down austin st tying yellow ribbons on every pole we could. Tying the ribbons was the best I could do, to get people to realize that we have men and women from Nevada fighting every day. Three deployments and two duty stations later I'm proud to say that there ARE people in Nevada supporting our troops!!! To sum up my long drawn out comment, THANKS TO ALL WHO SUPOORT OUR TROOPS!!!

Jessica Schatz (Goddard)

Proud Army Wife To: Sgt. Richard Schatz

-- Posted by hooahwife1 on Mon, Jul 14, 2008, at 12:11 AM

Every weekend there are angry people outside our gates with their anti-war, baby killers wagon rolling. Which is really sad because almost everyone is deployed from here. I have watched hundreds of friends go, and some that don't come back. We are big on making quilts for the wounded, care packages, letters, etc. But it is the best thing when civilians join in. It makes us feel better about the country we protect. Thank you for your care, we love you all.

-- Posted by blueeyedsoldier on Sun, Aug 24, 2008, at 11:42 PM

And lets not forget those that just want to forget and not be reminded.

-- Posted by thestirrer on Thu, Aug 28, 2008, at 7:02 PM

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