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Coffee Maker back on the job

Posted Wednesday, February 9, 2011, at 10:58 AM

Disaster has struck at the Nevada Daily Mail.

It's not the snow. It's -- I can hardly bear to say it.


It's be coming for a while. The symptoms were there, but the crew has been in denial and put off taking action as long as possible.

This can't be happening...not in the middle of a snowstorm!


Coffee, its warming comfort on a cold day, not to mention the caffeine so many of us have grown accustomed to, is well-appreciated when it's here, and well-missed when it's gone.

What to do?

Well, the first couple of days, when it began to look like failure of the java generating icon of the office was imminent, we complained. We stared. We looked at the enclosed back of the machine. It's a commercial model with a water line attached, so we jiggled the water line .

Nothing worked, and the poor thing slowed down, trickled and sputtered its warnings of its demise to all those around. Who stared, looked and jiggled the line some more. This time, turning switches on and off multiple times and in various configurations also was tried. I don't know why.

This continued for days and the service company was called. They're in Oklahoma. Mother Nature is insisting they stay there for a while. So we're on our own with a disabled coffee maker.

On Wednesday, self-appointed coffee maker diagnosticians -- stared. Flipped switches. Jiggled the water line. Closed and opened water line valve. Stared some more. Thoughtfully, of course. But no matter how thoughtful and earnest our looking and staring and jiggling of water lines was, it still didn't work.

One enterprising day-saver called the company for some tips on what might fix the problem, since they're not coming here and we're certainly not taking the coffee maker to Oklahoma. His tips were put into action and Voila! The coffee maker was instantly reanimated and back in service in no time.

There was smiling and laughing and great relief. The day was saved!

That day saver was our own Lula, whom many of you know from our front office.

Thanks, Lula. We raise our mugs to you. Hmm. An empty mug.

More coffee, anyone?

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