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The language of coffee cups

Posted Friday, November 25, 2011, at 11:12 AM

Here are some of my favorite coffee cups. They add flavor to the day:)
Coffee. News juice. Java. Cup o' Joe. Whatever you call it, it's a fact of life for many of us.

We like our coffee all sorts of ways. Straight up with nothing in it, sugar and creamer, caramel machiato or double vanilla latte with a pinch of cinnamon -- you name it, there's probably somebody in the office with a cup of it on their desk right now.

Our coffee's as personalized and individual as we are. And it's not just the coffee we like to make our own -- it's the cup, mug, mason jar or tankard we drink it of we love to make our own, maybe even more so than the nectar of the coffee bean itself.

My own coffee cups vary with my mood -- which varies often I'm told; which means I own quite a variety of cups and mugs.

My family knows the signs:

Travel mug = road trip or shopping day.

Disney World cup = planning to spend some time with youngest son.

Holiday-themed mug of any sort = I will be singing a lot and there will be cookies. Or brownies. Or hot chocolate.

Eeyore mug = sitting down and watching television.

Irish coffee mug = planning to do household stuff; cleaning, surfin' the 'Net, or entertaining somebody.

Wonders of Wildlife mug = all the other mugs are dirty.

Corelle mug = even the Wonders of Wildlife mugs are dirty and I will be cranky until that is no longer the case.

Apparently my mug choice is suited to my mood when I'm away from home, too.

Recently I was at a gathering where the host opened a big cabinet filled with mugs. I was feeling creative and open to ideas. The doors swung open to reveal a black and white mug with a swirl design and red trim, and a little newspaper folded up at the crest of the handle. "Cool!" I thought and announced as I reached for the mug that I was claiming that one. There was a knowing nod and the host commented he thought I'd pick that one. He's an insightful guy.

Another coworker, equally not surprisingly,took the other colorful one, leaving the rest a selection of more conservative, business-like mugs. (I don't know if they were disappointed or not. Sometimes a coffee mug is just a coffee mug)

Back in the office in Nevada, I took a look around. There were mugs with cartoon characters, a mug with sea creatures on it, and a couple of travel mugs.

Another coworker has a conservative-looking black mug that's clearly the kind of mug most of us use at work, including me. It's the utilitarian mug that says, "I'm working. I just need something with no holes in the lower half to drink my coffee from."

Sometimes, I guess, a coffee cup really is just a coffee cup.

Oh, #**!!!!! Just spilled the whole contents of the styrofoam work cup on my leg. Not hot though. Happens all the time, no matter which cup it is. Anyone got a cup with a lid? Nevermind. I manage to spill coffee from cups with lids, too; and I do it pretty often. Happened Sunday, in fact. Sigh.

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