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Six degrees of separation? I think not.

Posted Friday, December 2, 2011, at 12:38 PM

Husband Tom took this picture of me while I was signing the Missouri toilet seat at San Antonio's Toilet Seat Art Museum, in December 2010. We weren't the only ones from this corner of Missouri who've been there.
I've heard there are only six degrees of separation between all of us; You know someone who knows someone who knows someone ... who is connected back to you.

Well, if what I hear when I'm out and about -- especially when I'm out of town on vacation or something, there seem to be far fewer than six degrees when it comes to Nevada.

Here's a few examples:

Carrolton, Mo. happens to be the town where my uncle, who recently died, lived for many years. It's also the home town of Herald-Tribune columnist Ken White; but many Carrolton residents say they also know of Nevada because there's a race track here.

And other connections crop up in unexpected places.

Last winter we went to San Antonio, Texas, where we visited the Toilet Seat Art Museum. Barney Smith has created art, on toilet seat lids, featuring all sorts of Americana. It's open by appointment, and he asks visitors to sign state-themed seats. We signed the Missouri one and noticed that people from various towns in our region had signed the Missouri and Kansas ones. Although I don't recall seeing names specifically from Nevada or Fort Scott, people from this area are making a historic mark in San Antonio! On toilet seats! Also in San Antonio, there's a Texas Rangers Museum (cohabitates space with the Buckhorn museum, which is upstairs from the Buckhorn Saloon, about two blocks away from The Alamo.) In this museum, there was an exhibit about Bonnie and Clyde that talked about their exploits in the Fort Scott area. And did you know that a lawman killed by Bonnie and Clyde is buried in a Vernon County cemetery? Detective Harry McGennis was killed in a Joplin shootout with the notorious gang April 13, 1933. He's buried in Deepwood Cemetery, Nevada.

Here's yet another connection. My son Eric (former sports guy at the Daily Mail) had neurosurgery at a Kansas City hospital. He was wearing a Nevada High School athletics T-shirt (a pre-surgery gift from wonderful friends) and a nurse spotted him walking by.

Him: "Nevada? Nevada, Missouri?"

Us: Nodding.

Him: "I graduated from Nevada High School." Played tennis.

Eric: "That's great! I was the sports writer there for about three years."

The conversation went on, and they talked about Nevada, common acquaintences and so forth, and discovered that this man was to be the OR nurse for Eric's surgery. Later, we found out the nurse anesthetist's mom also is an NHS grad as well.

Six degrees of separation? I think not.

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