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First Lady insult: What or who, exactly, is a big bum?

Posted Thursday, December 22, 2011, at 7:39 PM

Big news this week!

Some of the Republicans apparently believe that Michelle Obama's bum is larger than it ought to be but one, at least has apologized for his comment! Stop the presses! What an unbelievable scandal!


Republicans, lighten up. It's just a bum, the appropriate size of which varies substantially in the minds of both those whose bums are being viewed and those who are doing the viewing.

Democrats, lighten up. It's just an opinion.


First of all, the only people who need to be concerned about the First Lady's figure or its impact on her health are her and her doctor; possibly close family members if their concern comes from the right place in their hearts.

Now while it may have been rude of a less-than-slender congressman from Wisconsin to express opinions that the First Lady's posterior may be larger than necessary, that's all it is! It's an opinion!

And the congressman didn't even say it publicly! It was overheard on a telephone conversation!


If Michelle Obama weighed 400 pounds, would that make her advice on and encouragement of good nutrition less valid? Or would it simply mean that she, too, struggled with this issue that challenges so many Americans?

And what difference could it possibly make in the next presidential election?

I have NEVER heard anyone say, "Oh, I won't vote for him. Then we'd have a First Lady with a big bum."

OK. Yes I have. But they weren't referring to the First Lady's backside. They were referring to her husband.

The important thing is, if you think there's a big bum in this equation, no matter what kind of bum you're thinking of, it's your right to hold and to express that opinion -- on the phone at the airport, to your friends at church, or anywhere you like.

Just be prepared for others to form the opinion that YOU'RE the big bum.

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If she wants to be appreciated, she should change her name to Kardashian.

-- Posted by sam floor on Fri, Dec 30, 2011, at 6:07 PM

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