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Laughter really is the best medicine

Posted Friday, January 27, 2012, at 11:01 AM

By the time most of you read this, my son Eric, who many of you know from his time as sports writer at the Daily Mail, will be having surgery.

Update: Surgery went well and he's recovering quite quickly.

Long story short, it's addressing a hyddrocephalis issue and although it's stressful will certainly resolve some issues he's been having and I'm confident he'll be good as new afterward.

Health issues seem to continue cropping up with family members and friends, and at times like this is seems clear we have two choices -stay in touch with your sense of humor or go postal.

We choose humor.

Recently my cousin, who has 11 siblings, had a heart surgery. Several of them, plus his parents and a few others gathered at the hospital. In my family, we look to humor, teasing each other and witty banter to deal with just about every situation, and from what i hear this was no exception. There was lots of cutting up and silliness until the surgery was over. The kink in the system came when my cousin was in the reoovery room. See, there's a policy that only close family like parents, spouse, children, and siblings can go in. Trouble is, that amounted to about 20 people. It was decided they could each go in, just one at a time. Each of course, had been saving something to joke about with the surgery "victim" and there was lots of laughter and silliness that followed as well.

It's a blessing to have a family so in touch with the healing power of humor. We all indulge in many a flippant comment, sarcasm, silliness and making light of pretty much any situation. It gets us all in trouble once in a while, 'cause not everyone appreciates the coping mechanism for what it is; but it's made our family close and relatively in pretty good mental health. Somehow, Dad making a joke makes even the most stressful situation a little more bearable, puts it into perspective and reminds us that even though we're going through a really tough time, we can find something to smile about.

I've got one friend who says it well, and often. "Keep smiling," he says,"Because of it, or in spite of it."

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