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When I'm 'older'

Posted Wednesday, April 18, 2012, at 4:55 PM

Yesterday, one of my youngest son's second-grade pals referred to me as "that older lady over there," pointing out which one was Tony's mom.

Now I realize that the "older lady" designation has different criteria for second-graders than for, say, someone who's 30; (pretty sure classmates of my older children said the same thing when they were in grade school, 15 years ago) The criteria's different still if the speaker is 60; but it still was a bit of a shocking realization that, no matter whose criteria you use, I am eventually going to reach "older lady" status, if I live long enough, that is. I'm sure it's still a good distance out, by the criteria I choose; which changes annually on July 20. (Guess whose birthday that is! This year will be the 47th).

But as that literally time-honored title inches closer, I probably won't even notice it happening; and I've come to realize that being an "older lady" doesn't seem such a bad thing.

The reason that I know this is that some of my favorite women -- my grandmothers, for example, and several other female role models I've known and others who've made their marks throughout history -- were or still are "older ladies." Not "Old ladies," mind you, "older ladies." There's a huge difference.

Older ladies can dress how they like, mean what they say or say what they mean, whichever suits them at the time, mentor other women, spoil grandchildren, stay up late or go to be early.

So I'll embrace my years as they come along with joy and as much gusto as my health will allow. I'll drive a classic Thunderbird, and "younger ladies" will watch me drive by in it and smile, and think about what they'll do when they become "older ladies."

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