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Kids, cookies and forgiveness

Posted Wednesday, July 18, 2012, at 9:30 PM

When I was a kid, and I'd done something wrong, after the the holding-accountable phase was over, came sweet forgiveness.

Although I'd also know it would be best to learn from the experience and to try not to do whatever had offended. I'd know I was forgiven. Sometimes, the forgiveness came in the way of a smile. Sometimes it was a hug, or even the words, "I forgive you." Sometimes, it was a cookie.

I've often thought the world could use more cookies; and certainly the world could use more forgiveness.

Forgiveness warms the heart of those being forgiving, but it's really for the person who's doing the forgiving. It releases anger and brings peace, just like the cookie does. I love cookies, but I've found I like seeing the smile on the face of the cookie recipient an even sweeter reward than devouring the cookie myself.

Lately, I haven't been the best at forgiving, but I hadn't realized it until I saw my child do something that gave me great pride.

Our cat's an indoor cat, and she'd sneaked outside when my young son was going out. She found the hot porch quite disagreeable, and shot back into the house, outstretched claws raking across my son's ankle. He shrieked with pain and anger. He'd done nothing wrong and the stupid cat had scratched him without thought or mercy.

But a short time later, my son sat in the hallway, petting this same cat. It was a private moment between boy and pet, He quietly told the cat he forgives her, that he knew she didn't mean it.

He didn't give the cat a cookie, but I would have a cookie to Youngest Son if I'd had one.

Wow, I thought. Would I be so quick to forgive? At times I haven't been, but I'm making a renewed effort to do so. It's been quite a liberating experience. Perhaps, too, I'll forgive myself for all those imperfections the Man Upstairs gave me in an effort (one that I often resist) to keep me humble and grounded.

Meanwhile, maybe I'll bake some cookies. The world could use more cookies, which I have noticed are not only handy when forgiveness is in order -- they're also handy for those thank-you, I-love-you', I-hope-your-owie-feels-better, and hello-it's-nice-to-meet-you moments, too.

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