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Wishes and Results
Posted Wednesday, February 6, at 9:26 PM
You should be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. A couple of months ago I wrote about how I would miss having Nevada play Webb City in football each year. Since then MSHSAA reclassified Nevada as a Class 4 school for football and that game is back on the calendar for 2008. Unfortunately, since it is now a district game it means something more than just bragging rights or the SWC championship which will no longer exist...

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Community Center Options
Posted Friday, January 4, at 1:01 AM

The Nevada Parks Board has been receiving some criticism lately for considering options other than building a new community center. The truth is that they intend to consider all of their options which include renovating the current facility, putting up a new community center and third, a combination of renovating the current building and adding a new gym on the north side of the present facility...

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Missing Webb City
Posted Wednesday, October 3, at 6:52 PM

Last Friday night I watched what may be the last football game that Nevada will ever play against Webb City. I know Nevada lost the game, just like they did the previous 24 times they played, but I will miss those annual contests. I may be the only one here that will...

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Speak English
Posted Thursday, September 6, at 3:51 PM

"Hello, my name is Sydney, may I speak to the owner of the business," a heavily accented female voice said on the telephone. "Speaking," I replied. "Your business can be the top listed business on Google, Yahoo or...", this almost unintelligible woman with an Indian accent said before I hung up the phone...

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The World According to Ralph
Posted Tuesday, June 19, at 3:57 PM

Welcome to my world, or at least a slice of how I view it. If you want to know what I plan to write about in the coming weeks and months, you will have check back to find out.  I cannot tell you because it will change from day-to-day based on what happens and how this evolves over time...

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