The way it was 10/5

Sunday, October 5, 2003

100 Years Ago -- October 5, 1903

Uncle Andy Snyder of Montevallo Township was attending to business in Nevada on Monday. He is in his seventy-ninth years and aside from defective sight, he is in good physical condition. Synder enlisted in the Confederate Army early in 1861, under Captain Price in Monroe County. He lost his right arm early in the sixties near Aus Vanse, Callaway County, in a fight with Merrill's horse. He was made wagon boss, accompanied Price on his raid through Missouri and stayed in the Army until the surrender at Shreveport. He and his family moved to Vernon County in 1875. Synder's wife is eighty-four years old.

75 Years Ago -- October 5, 1928

SULPHUR SPRINGS- -- There was no Sunday school at this place Sunday as the majority attended the B.Y.P.U. Convention at Sheldon. Our Junior came back a proud bunch as they won the championship in the sword drill, carrying home the banner. Vina Wilson has returned to her home from Nevada. Mrs. Shaw of Schell City returned to her home Sunday after a few days visit with her daughter, Mrs. Paul Hargrove. Wm. Watkins and family, Jessie Troyer and family, Mrs. Walter Hopper and daughter and Maudie Dale and children all attended a chili supper at Tom Wathins Saturday night.

50 Years Ago -- October 5, 1953

MILO --Wilma Smith has been assisting Mrs. A.J. Martin at the telephone exchange recently. Guy Pickens, who has spent the past ten days here with his family, returned this week to their former home in Mancos, Colorado, to bring back the rest of their livestock. The Pickens recently purchased the Jack Hendrick's farm and their two children have been here since September 1 as Mrs. Pickens is a teacher at Sheldon School and the children Guy and Bobby attend the Milo School. Mr. Pickens, a farmer and stockman, is also an auctioneer and plans to continue in that business as soon as he is settled here. A kitchen is being built in the southeast part of the basement of the Baptist Church. A well will be drilled and a water system installed in the new kitchen. The church members are doing part of the labor. HUMBLE AND COMPTON JUNCTION --Marie Wade is now employed at the Farm and Home in Nevada. John Johnson has been assisting H.L. Dean rebuild a brooder house and reroof a garage. Lloyd Coffey combined beans for Marvin Ruthledge Tuesday. Ralph Winkler made a business trip to Kansas City recently.