Masterpieces on display

Sunday, December 14, 2003
Some of the participants in the Masterpiece Art Show left to right, front row; Sara Copeland, Emily Hissink and Audrey Conway. Back row; Nikki Peters, Melissa Eador, Lildy Lamb, Victoria Barker and Frank Lurten.

The seventh annual Masterpiece Art Show will be held at the Nevada High School Monday, Dec. 15, from 6 to 8 p.m. A variety of art styles will be on display in the art room hallway. The public is encouraged to attend.

Kelly Gray, NHS art teacher, said 70 students from the Accelerated Art, Art II, Art III, Art IV and Advanced Placement classes have participated.

Accelerated Art students are accepted for that class based on their art portfolios and art test scores. Advanced Placement students are creating portfolios for submission The National College Board, which reviews their work and helps qualified students find placement in art schools.

"Some students did what we call a Modern Twist on art by the masters," Gray explained. She offered an example of a Vincent van Gogh copy in which a horse and carriage had been replaced by a motorcycle, with the rest of the painting copied exactly.

"People will have to look closely to spot the differences in these 'modern twists' and the originals," Gray added.

Student Victoria Barker has been interested in art since the eighth grade. She entered a self-portrait and a sketch of a Native American on horseback. "I've always liked that culture," Barker said.

She enjoys art, but does not plan a career in that field.

Audrey Conway does plan on a career in design and other types of commercial advertising.

"I've enjoyed art all my life. My father is an artist and he inspires me," Conway said. "I really like the self-expression art gives me."

She has entered a self-portrait and a painting about dance called "The Foot" in the style of Liechtenstein.

Melissa Eador has been interested in art all of her life. "I really like drawing," she explained. "I like art as a form of self-expression, and I plan on a career as a photographer." She has entered a self-portrait and a collage display of many of her photographs.

Frank Lurten has enjoyed art all of his life. "I like cartooning and will have a cartoon and a self-portrait in the show," he said. He does not plan on a career in art.

Nikki Peters said she has loved art since kindergarten. "I enjoy sketching and have done a self-portrait and a painting 'The Shoe.'" She planes a career in journalism, and fashion design or related fields.

"One unique thing about this year's show," Gray said, "is we have some brother and sister teams. James (Art III) and Tristie (Art II) Thomas, Audrey (Advanced Placement) and Nick (Art II) Conway, and Emily (Art III) and Claire ( Accelerated Art) Hissink all have entries." Several types of art will be on display, each having its own panel in the long hall. Forms include collage, assemblage, pencil art, paint and photography.

Self-portraits were drawn from photographs. Students could also use a known artists' style to create their own art and tried their hands at copying a recognized master's style.

Viewers can vote on their favorite artwork. Winners will receive prizes of art related articles or supplies.

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