The way it was

Sunday, December 14, 2003

100 Years Ago -- December 14, 1903

Tom Donohue, superintendent of the Missouri Water, Light & Traction Company, will hold the same responsible position with the Union Light & Traction Company. Donohue held a conference with Mr. Gore, the head of the company that recently purchased the J.B. Quigley plants in this city.

In speaking of his visit to St. Louis, Donohue said to a Mail representative: I arrive home this morning from St. Louis where I met Mr. Gore. We went over all matters pertaining to the Company's Nevada interest. I made arrangements with Mr. Gore whereby I shall represent the Company here and continue to have charge of the Nevada plants.

There will be no changes in the personnel of the superintendent's office. Miss Moran and Miss Hopkins will remain and act in the same capacity as before.

75 Years Ago -- December 14, 1928

At a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors held Thursday night, Honorable Lee B. Ewing was elected President of the organization for the ensuing year. Mr. Ewing is splendidly qualified to fill the presidency of the Chamber of Commerce, being a man of exceptional ability, a wide and varied experienced and deeply interested in Nevada and Vernon County.

50 Years Ago -- December 14, 1953

AROUND TOWN -- Approximately 1,000 persons were in attendance Sunday afternoon to witness the fourth annual All-School Christmas Vesper Program at the First Christian Church. The program was under the supervision of Mrs. Agnes Brown, elementary Art and Music Instructor, was presented by pupils from the intermediate grades of the Nevada schools.

The story, which was related in both song and verse, was "The Little Shepard," by Abobel Armour.

Three hundred and seventy-five pupils took part in the production.

CLUB NOTES -- Talk of the Month Club members are encouraged to invite a guest to the special meeting the club will have in cooperation with the Nevada Country Club Tuesday evening at the Country Club.

The joint meeting will present a "home talent" Talk of the Month Club program featuring well-known people who have recently traveled abroad and have brought back interesting films and pictures from their trips. Featured on the joint program will be N.T. Paterson, President of Farm and Home, Dr. Lela Ewers, head of the Science Department of Cottey College and Joe Pohl, Nevada contractor.