Federal grant to pay for fire equipment

Sunday, January 18, 2004

The Nevada Fire Department is slated to receive $71,833 in federal grant money, which the department plans to spend to replace firefighters' protective, or bunker, gear.

"From helmets to boots," said Nevada Fire Chief Bill Gillette.

The funds will also go to train and equip a rapid entry team. A rapid entry team is on standby at a fire scene, ready to extricate other fire personnel if necessary.

A thermal imaging camera will also be purchased with the grant money. Thermal imaging cameras are used in various search and rescue operations and can be used to locate fire behind a wall, or behind a closed door in a dark building. They can also indicate the presence of a person that would otherwise be difficult to find in darkness or heavy smoke.

"They will read the heat and can see a person that might be lying down," said Gillette, "we can't see through the smoke."

But the thermal imaging camera will allow them to do just that. The camera might also be useful when searching for someone lost in the woods. Such a camera has been high on the department's wish list for some time, but has been out of reach for the department in the past because of its expense.

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