Capri Bowl to reopen in September

Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Photos by Steve Moyer/Daily Mail The Capri Bowl is deserted now, as workers repair the fire-damaged building and replace damaged equipment, but the owner says the facility will reopen in September.

By Lynn A. Wade

Nevada Daily Mail

The Capri Bowl will soon re-open -- and Marie Reynolds, manager and owner Robert Reynolds' mother says the facility's equipment will be state-of-the-art, but the atmosphere is intended to remain the same family-oriented place patrons expect from Capri Bowl.

In May, a fire broke out, starting in the ball return and spreading to machinery room, causing damage estimated $300,000 at the time.

Robert Reynolds, had just completed refinishing the lanes and the business was closed at the time of the fire. According to firefighters, the fire started under the floor. "It was very obvious where the fire started in the ball return and it just spread back into the pin room or machinery room -- whatever it's called -- from there it spread," Gillette said. "They put a new roof on some time back and created an attic between it and the old roof. The fire climbed the stairs and got into that area and the heat and smoke went all through the building from there."

Although the fire was mostly contained in the back of the building a computer near the front of the building was melted from the heat. "It was pretty intense for awhile," Gillette said. "A lot of machinery and bowling pins were destroyed."

Marie Reynolds was in Hays, Kan., when she heard about the fire, and said Robert and other family members were "devastated" at the news.

"He lost a lot of records. A lot of that stuff is just completely gone," Marie Reynolds said. Those records that were salvageable were seriously water damaged, but are being kept at the Reynolds home.

"We need to keep them, but oh, they stink!" Marie Reynolds said.

There was much smoke and water damage, but the owners never seriously considered not rebuilding although the damage was extensive.

"Robert said he wouldn't do that to the community. They're supposed to have a bowling alley. The people should have one," Marie Reynolds said.

Now, contractors hired by the insurance company are completing the work to the building's interior.

"It's starting to look good in there, again," Marie Reynolds said.

Capri Bowl plans to reopen in September. An exact date has not been determined, and will depend on when contractors are able to complete the specialized construction required -- but it'll be in time for fall leagues, Marie Reynolds said.

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