The Way It Was

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

100 years ago:

Local man sues the city

W.F. Todd, a member of the city fire department, through his attorneys Scott and Bowker, today filed suit against the city of Nevada for $5,000. On the night of July 4th, while (he was) driving the fire wagon to a fire, it collided with a pile of vitrified brick at the corner of Washington and Cherry streets, and Todd suffered a broken arm and was painfully bruised about his body. He alleges the city was negligent in not having lights on the brick and is therefore responsible for his injuries.

75 years ago:

Sheriff Butner arrested woman driving a Hupmobile car

Sheriff Butner was notified to keep watch for a Hupmobile car owned by John Sheldon of Kansas City, which disappeared from Butler Sunday night. Early Monday morning, Sheriff Butner arrested a woman driving a Hupmobile car at a point about two miles north of Nevada on Highway No. 71 and placed her in jail to await the arrival of the Kansas City man.

50 years ago:

100 degree temperatures for 46 days

Vernon County residents have had a hot time of it this summer and although the calendar says that summer is about over, the weatherman evidently hasn't gotten the word about turning on the cool breezes yet.

Just for the record and to give our readers a bit of morale boost in their cussing and discussing of the weather, a check of the temperatures since June 17 shows that it has been 100 degrees or more for 46 days.

The days that the mercury didn't scoot to 100 or better weren't exactly chilly, because the records reveal that the readings were in the high 90s.

Now you may go and turn the air conditioner up another notch.