Booth presents American flag to hospital board

Thursday, September 30, 2004

By Steve Moyer

Nevada Daily Mail

The annual audit performed by BKD, LLP was the main item of discussion at the Nevada Regional Medical Center board of directors meeting. The audit was performed in two parts, one concerning the operations of the hospital and one a combined audit concerning the Moore-Few Care Center and the Barone Alzheimer's Care Center .

The representative of the auditing firm, Tim Wolters, was on hand to discuss the findings, which he said were very favorable.

The board was commended for the way they have been handling the finances of the hospital.

One problem the board has been facing is the lack of adequate reserves to meet contractual obligations. The hospital is supposed to have a 70-day reserve of cash on hand to meet the obligation but it currently has only a 61-day reserve. Wolters said the board addressed the problem aggressively, being proactive in communicating with the creditors and in seeking ways to alleviate the problem.

Segregation of duties was another, although minor, issue. Wolters, as in years past, told the board that keeping the duties separate was difficult to achieve and that continuing oversight was needed to make sure it did not become a problem in the future.

"This is a problem many hospitals face," Wolters said. "As long as you are aware of it and continue to watch closely you shouldn't worry unduly."

The board received more good news when Maureen Short, Barone administrator, reported that a survey of the Barone Care Unit had found no deficiencies.

"Most hospital-based nursing homes are bad stepchildren and financial black holes," Vinyard said. "This is a notable exception."

Dr. Randall Booth returned from a tour of military duty in Afghanistan and was given a standing ovation by the board for his work.

He brought a flag back that he raised over the 325th Field Hospital on the Fourth of July and presented it to Vinyard and Judith Feuquay, hospital CEO. With Booth's return, the hospital is reopening the pain clinic.

"I want to thank the hospital for supporting me while I was over there," Booth said. "I hope that the hospital will raise this flag every year on the Fourth of July in honor of those who serve."

Feuquay reported that the hospital participated in the county wide Code Yellow Drill Thursday, Sept. 23.

"We were able to identify several areas that need improvement, especially communications," Feuquay said.

The hospital is planning a celebration for the 10 year anniversary of the NRMC Foundation.

During the event, doctors who have served the hospital for more than 20 years will be honored.

Donors who have contributed to the foundation will also be honored.

In other business the board:

* Approved a contract renewal of Dr. Lovinger as the Moore-Few medical director.

* Approved a contract renewal with Dr. William Bird for the lease of space.

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