The Way It Was

Friday, October 8, 2004

100 years ago:

Two trains collide

A head-on collision between a west bound Missouri Pacific freight train and an east bound passenger occurred three miles east of Warrensburg at 3 o'clock this morning, resulting in one of the most disastrous wrecks that has happened in Missouri in recent years. Precious lives were hurled into eternity without a second of warning while many persons were torn and bruised and buried beneath the debris. No words can picture the awful calamity nor describe in detail the suffering.

News of the wreck caused profound sorrow in Nevada and was the one topic of discussion all day. Friends and relatives of those who left Nevada last night anxiously awaited news and the suspense was simply awful; however, up to the noon hour it was generally believed that Nevada excursionists on the train escaped death.

75 years ago:

Greenfield Bank to pay 50 percent dividend

Greenfield, Mo. -- The depositors of the defunct Bank of Greenfield will receive a dividend of 50 percent on Oct. 16, it was learned here today. The total deposits were $140,000 when the bank failed about a year ago. There are several suits pending in the courts and should the bank be successful in a majority of them, it will bring the stockholders a good percentage of their holdings.

50 years ago:

Bike stolen while owner was getting a haircut

Ivan Maahs, eighth-grader at Nevada High School, worked and saved months in order to buy himself a new, extra-special bicycle only to have it stolen.

Ivan, the son of Mrs. Frances Maahs, parked his new cream-and-black Schwinn bicycle in a regularly used bike parking spot south of Cherry Street on Cedar, while he went to a nearby barbershop for a haircut, the other evening. When he returned, the bike was gone.

In taking the bicycle, the thief not only took the results of months of work, but stole transportation the boy needs to carry his newspaper route.

In a similar theft several months ago, thieves took the bicycle of another working youth -- Henry Robertson, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Wilhelmson.

Henry's bicycle has never been recovered.