Flu vaccine distribution information released

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Nevada Daily Mail

The Vernon County Health Department has prepared a distribution plan for flu vaccine in Vernon County. Last week, the Daily Mail reported that a production problem at a British supplier of the vaccine was discovered, indicating that a far smaller supply of the vaccine would be available throughout the United States.

The probable shortage led the Center for Disease Control to issue guidelines on what segments of the population need the vaccine the most, and outlets are urged to prioritize distribution.

According to a press release from the Vernon County Health Department, the local supply will be limited as well. Due to the shortage of vaccine, the Health Department is prioritizing who will receive a flu shot based on CDC recommendations on local doctors.

Flu vaccine purchased by the Vernon County Health Department will only be distributed to Vernon County residents.

Vaccine already received by the Health Department will be distributed to nursing home and long-term care facility residents, and to health care workers providing direct patient care in doctor's offices, nursing homes, ambulance personnel and the hospital.

The health department expects to receive 1,220 more doses by the end of October.

Once it arrives, flu shots will be available for one week for those persons at "very high risk" such as those with very serious respiratory conditions and patients on chemo or renal therapy.

After the first week, flu shots will be available for persons with chronic medial conditions, regardless of age.

Persons who are unable to get a flu shot this year may still be able to protect themselves by using the following health practices:

* Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

* Stay home when you are sick

* Cover nose and mouth.

* Clean hands with handwashing or with alcohol-based hand cleanser.

* Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

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