The Way It Was

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

100 years ago:

Cause of lockjaw identified

Lockjaw, or tetanus, is caused by bactirus or germ which exists plentifully in street dirt. It is inactive so long as exposed to the air, but when carried beneath the skin as in the wound, caused by percussion caps or by rusty nails, and when the air is excluded the germ is roused to activity and produces the most ardent virulent poison known. These germs may be destroyed and all danger of lockjaw avoided by applying Chamberlin's Pain Balm freely as soon as the injury is received.

75 years ago:

Another car found in quarry pool

What may prove to be another tragedy was brought to light Friday night when, under instructions from Sheriff Butner, a force of men dragged an automobile from the pool at 9 o'clock. Whether the car had been stolen and was driven into the pool for the purpose of hiding it or whether it was purposely driven in the pool by the owner is not known at this time, neither is it known whether the occupant of the car left the car before it entered the pool or whether he was drowned and his body is now in the pool.

50 years ago:

Cottey girls discuss U.N. at Lion's Club

The International Relations Club of Cottey College presented the program at today's luncheon meeting of the Nevada Lions Club in the Hotel Mitchell.

Moderated by Alice Spuehler of Zurich, Switzerland, a panel discussion of international issues was held by Carline Wertz of Helena, Mont.; Ruth Ann Anderson, of Hutchinson, Kan.; and Nan Graham, of Crawfordsville, Ind.

Miss Donna Hamilton, instructor at the college, is sponsor of the club.