The Way It Was

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

100 years ago:

Several cases of diphtheria

identified in the area.

There are several cases of diphtheria in this city but so far the danger is not considered such as would necessitate the closing of the public schools.

Superintendent Clark says that he has consulted several physicians but none had advised the closing of the schools. A majority of the cases seem to be in the northeast part of this city although there are cases in the south and west part of the city as far as can be learned.

The children who were ill are getting along nicely.

75 years ago:

The car mystery remains unsolved.

The mystery as to whether the body of a person was at the bottom of the rock quarry pool from which an automobile was recovered Friday night by Sheriff Butner, has been solved by the sheriff to the satisfaction of most everyone -- there was not.

The sheriff dynamited the pool Sunday and if there had been a body in that pool it certainly would have been forced to the surface. Further evidence, indicating no one went down into the pool came to Sheriff Butner in a telegram from Bruce Craft of Laelede, which read as follows: "Do not drag the pool, I am at home."

This telegram came after the sheriff had gone to the trouble and expense of dynamiting the pool.

50 years ago:

Famed writer to be Talk-of-the -Month speaker Thursday

Guest speaker for the second Talk-of-the-Month Club dinner meeting of the season to be held Thursday evening, will be Leo Lania, journalist, who was termed by Hitler, "The most dangerous enemy of National Socialist Germany."

Lania, who was born in Russia in the days of Czar Nicholas II, moved to Vienna when he was a youngster.

After graduating from the University of Vienna he turned to journalism as a profession. He wrote frankly of Fascist graft and corruption and in 1922 was forced to flee for his life from Mussolini and his Blackshirts.