Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Free rides to polls on

election day

Dear editor:

The Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars want to remind you to vote on the first Tuesday in November

The ability to vote is a privilege guaranteed to us by the constitution.

Many countries do not have the ability to choose their leaders and the laws by which they are governed.

These same countries do do not understand why we, as Americans, abuse such a privilege by not going to the polls on Election Day.

Please go to the polls on Nov. 2 and vote for the candidates of your choice.

The Ladies Auxiliary is providing transportation to and from the polls for those who are unable to reach them on their own.

For information on transportation, call (417) 667-6334, (417) 684-1814, or (417) 667-5051.

Darlene Tweten and the Ladies Auxiliary


Prescription drug issue

Dear editor:

Bush's prescription plan is a farce. Drug prices are astronomical. Generics made in third world countries without controls are not safe.

Kerry's plan begins with importing to the United States drugs from Canada, negotiating better prices, quantity buying. Tired of subsidizing Canada and Mexico? For honesty and common sense, vote Kerry-Edwards.

Mary Proffitt

El Dorado Springs, Mo