The Way It Was

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

100 years ago:

Heather to lecture at benefit

The Nevada Lodge B.P.O. Elks have made arrangements to present the Rev. Dr. Audley Heather in a lecture at Moore's theatre on next Tuesday evening, Nov. 15.

This will be the Elks' annual entertainment for the benefit of their Christmas charities.

Dr. Heather is known in Nevada as an eloquent speaker and charming entertainer. He is a man of many gifts -- a preacher, an actor, a poet, a soldier.

He possesses a personality that at once attracts, a voice that is beautiful in its melody; original in his thoughts and intensely earnest he is a striking figure and a positive force for good.

75 years ago:

Fatal plane crash at Marshall today

Marshall, Mo. -- Three men were killed here this afternoon when the airplane in which they were riding went into a nose dive and crashed at the local airport.

The dead are Ernest Ellis, student flyer of Kansas City; Ralph McGee, of Kansas City; and Jack Arnold, of this city. McGee, a transport pilot, was at the controls when the plane crashed.

50 years ago:

Harvey tells Cottey assembly about the Turks

Dr. Lashley Harvey, professor of government and citizenship at Boston University, addressed a Cottey assembly this morning and told of his experiences in Turkey as an official of a United Nations commission.

Dr. Harvey told the assembly about the economy, politics and aims and beliefs of the Turkish people who are pulling themselves up by their bootstraps after the rigors of revolution and war.

He told his audience that Turkey is still a far cry from the real Democracy we know but with popular elections they are making progress.

He pointed out that the government is not truly representative of the people, but in time Turkey will have a sound government.