The Way It Was

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

100 years ago:

$4,000 for a life

Fort Scott, Kan. -- The jury in the United States court in the case of Bishard vs. the Frisco Railroad Company brought in a verdict at 6 o'clock Wednesday allowing the plaintiff $4,000. The case was for damages on account of the killing of Engineer Bishard in a wreck occurring just south of town a year ago, in which 12 lives were lost. This was the first case tried and has attracted a good deal of attention.

75 years ago:

Rich Hill boy killed on Highway 71

George Dunaway, 21 years of age, died Sunday evening at Rich Hill from injuries received in an automobile accident. Dunaway with his brother-in-law, Jack Hymer, were returning to Rich Hill from Nevada and at the crossroads about 1.5 miles this side of Rich Hill, their car, a Ford sedan, collided with a Ford coupe which was just ahead of them, the crash occurring as the coupe, which was driven by Leslie Rhodes, also of Rich Hill, turned west.

50 years ago:

Junior class play to be presented Dec. 8 and 9

Members of the junior class of Nevada High School are putting in many hours of practice on the junior class play, a comedy, "Melody Jones," by Ruth and Nathan Hale.

The play will be presented in the school auditorium on Dec. 8 and 9, under the direction of Clifford Halslip, speech and dramatics instructor, and the assistant director, Mark Gibbs.