Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Friday, November 26, 2004

Response to Goldberger


Dear editor:

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the letter submitted by Stephen H.Goldberger, MD, and printed in the Nevada Herald Nov. 21.

Dr. Goldberger, like so many liberals, seems to be having a very difficult time adjusting to the results of the 2004 Presidential election. I am surprised that Dr. Goldberger would use such vitriolic language as to refer to the President of the United States as a "maniac." One would think that a person who had made his way through medical school would choose better means of showing his displeasure of the President. What is even more surprising is that Dr. Goldberger, who has obviously identified himself as an elitist liberal, would choose a red state in which to set up his medical practice.

Many of the good doctor's patients are very likely to have voted for the man he calls a maniac. The word maniac is not much of an advancement over the word "buffon," used to describe Presdient Bush by a former Cottey College professor just prior to the election.

If Dr. Goldberger is going to demonstrate expertise in matters of politics and government, it may be advisable for him to take a sabbatical and study up on his history. Woodrow Wilson, a Democratic president, was at the helm with our entry into World War I (1917). Roosevelt, a Democrat, was president presiding at America's entry into World War II (1941). Truman, a Democrat, was at the helm with our entry into the Korean War-1950. Kennedy and Johnson, both Democrats, were in charge when America elected to wage war against the communists in North Vietnam.

I mention this not to pass scorn upon any of these presidents. I am absolutely certain that every one of them, right or wrong, had what they considered to be a solid rationale for going to war.

The current war in Iraq is misunderstood by most of the people living in the Blue State areas of America. The fly over portions of America, what some called "Jesus Land," are populated by people who have their feet on the ground, as opposed to the liberals, who have their heads in the clouds, having graduated mostly from the liberal, anti-American ivy league universities.

Dr. Goldberger needs to review the last 1,350 years of Muslim history to understand why we have an army stationed in the heart of Islam. Blue State people would be content to just mark time until the armies of Islam are waging acts of terror on American soil. Islamic hatred for the Christian West has been unabated for more than a thousand years, and the Sept. 11, 2001 tragedy confirms this hatred is very much alive.

No one that I know desires to see American soldiers die in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The American soldiers who have volunteered to stand between America and the terrorist armies of Islam are among the most courageous in our nation's history. We can be thankful that we are engaging terrorists on their home turf rather than in the streets of America.

Does Dr. Goldberger really believe that the hundreds of people who voted Republican in the '04 election in Vernon County are "misguided and ill-informed?" Is it possible that this doctor has misjudged the Red State mentality of the Midwest? Far better that Americans take the fight into the heart of Islam than to wait for Islam to bring their terrorism to the streets of America.

It is amazing to see how quickly liberals forget that the most bloody and costly act of terrorism ever committed against the United States took place on Sept. 11, 2001. Iraq has been involved in State sponsored terrorism for many years. Every terrorist killed in Iraq is one more that will not make it into the United States.

One point on which Dr. Goldberger is correct is that "We're in a pile of trouble now." The reason we are in a pile of trouble is that we have exercised a policy of pacifism toward Muslim terrorists for the past 20 years. Beginning with the Carter administration, the militant side of Islam has been perpetuating acts of terror against America. George W. Bush was the first President to have the courage to circumvent the United Nations and defend America from Muslim fanatics.

George Bush is not a President without defect, but he is light years ahead of the candidate that Michael Moore, Ted Kennedy, Bruce Springsteen, Hollywood, and Northeastern liberals sponsored. One thing George Bush must do without fail is to seal the borders of this country. If America suffers a terrorist attack by way of our porous borders this will be the undoing of both the president and his Congress.

Dan Gayman

Schell City, Mo.

After the election

Dear editor:

The election is over in most people's eyes, although thousands of votes are yet to be counted. Now it is time to face the reality of what is about to happen to our democracy.

For the first time in my life even more than on Sept. 11, 2001, I fear for my country. My fear does not come from the threat of terrorism or nuclear annihilation. My fear comes from fear itself. I see an America ready to throw away simple freedoms in a supposed effort to thwart terrorists. I see an America eager to replace the Constitution with verses from the Bible. And worst of all I see an America increasingly being fooled by big corporations to agree to lower wages, longer hours, threats against overtime pay, decreased healthcare, and decreased safety standards.

At what point in the next four years might 3M or Crane decide that that the tax incentives are just too inviting and decide to move their plants to Mexico or China? Will Nevada be as concerned with owning assault weapons if that happens? Does Nevada have a plan to deal with making abortion illegal? Will adoption ever become a realistic option? Will the churches be the ones to pay for these girls' prenatal pills and hospital bills?

These are just questions that we must be prepared to answer. Fear is one of the most powerful of all emotions. This was proven in the 2004 election, but I for one am not prepared to let fear destroy my daughter's future. I plan to start at the local level. I want to know what Barney Fisher is going to do about the problems I have listed above. He promised a lot of change if he were elected. Well Barney, you were elected.

Matt Blunt was also elected as our Governor and your man is still in the White House. Simply put, you have no excuses.

We will be waiting to see if you will actually be able to legislate your morality. And will the consequences of your ideas be as moral as the ideas themselves.

Your two-year clock is ticking and those of us whom still have hope will be watching.

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Those that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Dan Davis