The Way It Was

Thursday, December 9, 2004

100 years ago:

Petition to council asks that city police force not be reduced

If largely signed petition a general protest has much influence with the City Council Officer Andy Sheppard will not be retired from the police force. A petition asking the city council not to reduce the police force was circulated by a large number of citizens. A general protest against the retirement of Mr. Sheppard by the citizens of East Nevada was made. They not only want Mr. Sheppard retained but do not want the force reduced, especially at this time.

75 years ago:

Head on collision near Aurora

The local southbound White River freight that runs out of Carthage, collided a mile east of Aurora, at 10 o'clock Monday forenoon, with a work train that was pushing a ditcher, says the Lamar Democrat.

Several men were hurt but it is not believed there were any fatal injuries. Ellis Rowe, 23, of Chester, Ark., a worker who was riding on the work train, was quite painfully burned, and suffered a broken ankle. Rupard Diamond of Crane suffered a dislocated ankle. He was in charge of the ditcher and jumped when he saw the crash impending.

50 years ago:

Junior class play well presented

Few seats were available in the high school auditorium at curtain time last night for the first presentation of the junior class play, "Melody Jones," by Nathan and Ruth Hale.

The three-act play was given under the direction of Clifford Haislip, dramatics and speech instructor.