Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Saga of the sewer line

Dear editor:

The summer of 2003, curb and guttering was done on West Hickory to city limits and North Hoffman street.

As a property owner on West Hickory, we were told there could be a possibility of a sewer line to run in front of our property to serve Ashland Estates. After a few measurements were taken by city employees, we then were told there was not enough room and it probably would not go through.

Not one more word was said or did anyone come to our door, by phone, or by mail tell us that the sewer line would still go through.

Some of the city employees knew we were planning on a new driveway as the concrete apron was poured by the city to accommodate our new driveway someday.

In April, we went ahead with our new driveway and had a private concrete contractor do the job with rebar and finished out. Not one city employee came to us and tell us ahead of time that the sewer was going through. Some of the city employees saw our driveway framed out for the concrete, but did anyone say anything to us --


Early this fall, an employee from an engineering company was in our yard measuring and told me the city was planning on a sewer line once again. Did we know?


The city has a 15 foot right-of-way, but then they wanted an additional 7 1/2 feet for a temporary easement for us to sign. After many times telling them NO, then they said we could not have our driveway put back by our concrete contractor if we didn't sign the easement.

Is this correct way of handling this kind of project when they tear up your driveway and deny you to have your paid new driveway replaced the way it was?

Is this the kind of act Nevada taxpayers are paying to get no respect or satisfaction from the city when they could care less about your property?

Does it matter when some home owners want their property to look nice for themselves, neighbors and the city?

If a homeowner has paid hard -earned cash to have a new driveway put in and the city tears it out, doesn't the city have the obligation of giving that homeowner the right to have it put back by their original concrete contractor and have it paid by the city.

We welcome any comments from the people of Nevada who has also had problems with the City of Nevada in handling such matters.

We would like to be proud to live in Nevada but this makes it very hard and to have trust in city government and the city employees.

Property owners of 30 years and plus,

Louis and Linda Dungan



Dear editor:

Many of our Christmas traditions

In many towns are against the law

Where a Santa stands at attention

Outside many stores and in a hall

Taking our donations by the doors

By ringing bells at Christmas time

Collecting our money for the poor

I can't believe this is now a crime

I wonder what could be the reason

The very finest charity in our land

Giving joy each Christmas season

Because of a few could be banned

From Christmas they've abolished

Our Lord Jesus Christ on his birth

Will a nativity scene they demolish

Isn't anything sacred to us on earth

There would be no Christmas toys

Beneath the family Christmas tree

No Christmas dinner they'll enjoy

Or lights in children's eyes to see

Will Christmas season be so great

Knowing the poor are left behind

While the rich would all celebrate

Could peace on earth they all find

How could any leader make a law

I think these town officials failed

When taking away a Santa Clause

We'll hear no ringing Silver Bells

Thelma Shutters

Schell City