Nikodims observe golden anniversary

Sunday, December 26, 2004
The Nikodim family gathers for a picture prior to the 50th wedding anniversary celebration for Ernest and Barbara Nikodim.

Special to the Herald

Ernest and Barbara Nikodim celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Dec. 19 at the Walker Community Building. The Nikodims were married Dec. 26, 1954, near Virgil City, Mo. At the anniversary reception, family and guests were served cake, punch and snacks. The Nikodims received many written memories from friends and family members.

Those in attendance included: Darrell, Julie and Brian Nikodim; James and Lacy Washburn; Mike, Kathy, Brad and Kayla Newman; Russ and Debbie Jensen; Phil, Susan and Chase Thompson; Mike and Julie Nikodim; Art and Alice Nikodim; Doloris Nikodim; Joe and Beverly Nikodim; Don and Betty Nikodim; Clifford Harding; Clara Koca; JD and Jennifer Shilling; Dawn, Brandon, Michael and Brooklyn Shilling; Tom, Joyce, Krissy, Kimmy and Kamber Cain; Sabriana Gragg; Cody Loyd; Joy Carson; Bob and Laura Clinton; Bob Williams; Earl and Marilyn Williams; Leslie and Mary Wallace; Tom and Leta Blosser; Daniel R. Bruce; Danny and Christine Eaton; Harold and Alice Fritter; Bill Smith; Monty and Barb Gordon; Tim, Julie, Emily and Alyssa Brewer; Richard and Nancy McCrery; Coltin Wilson; Neoma and Charles Foreman; Larry Geer; Roberta Walker; Wes Anderson; Kenny and Opal Davis; Sharon Mitchell; Don and Shirley Shepley; TV Robinson and daughter Sandra; Stanton and Casseille Gammon; Charlie and Jeannie Franklin; Lance and Sharon Sears; Madeline Parrish; and Kim Parrish.

Several unable to attend the reception called or sent cards.

Prior to the reception, the Nikodims hosted their family Christmas celebration. The party included a deli-type luncheon, gift exchange and family photos.