Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Dear editor:

Joe Kraft's behavior over the past couple of years has distressed many of his old friends. It seems that for unfathomable reasons he has developed a derogatory attitude toward the city administration. He has disappointed his friends to the point that months ago a prominent citizen was asked to talk to him about what he is doing. He replied sadly, "Nobody can talk to Joe."

It must be recognized that for many years Joe was a progressive leader, but for whatever reasons his obsessions have led him down a different path.

Times have changed and Joe hasn't recognized it. Among others disappointed by his harangues, a lady said it well sometime ago in a letter to the Daily Mail. "Your time came and went."

In a statement to the city council, uninformed as to why some projects have not yet been completed, he unjustly accused the Parks director of deliberately allowing the community building to deteriorate. He failed to see workmen attempting to repair the roof last summer. It still leaks. Aside from that it is inadequate for several reasons.

Incidentally, I am in the building quite often, but I have never seen Joe there; not even for a Habitat for Humanity lunch.

There is little reason to rebut his other obfuscations, but not to worry. I am confident that voters will make the right decisions in April.

Franklin Norman


Dear editor:

I, as a mother of a soldier in one of the troops that has been deployed to Iraq, would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the dedicated ladies who put in the many laborious hours of hard work into making all of the wonderfully warm and sentimental quilts that have been donated to the troops deployed to that terrible place.

They truly are appreciative of all your time and effort in the support of their efforts while they are away from their own loved ones.

Thanks again for what you have done. Let us not forget them too soon, as they will be there at least 18 long months. You all know who you are.

Bless you and pray for them.

Linda McCormick, mother of Spc. Eric M. Tabor, US National Guard, El Dorado Springs