Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Let freedom ring

Dear editor:


We all heard his threat of freedom

As he spoke to every nation

With a promise to end tyranny

All around our globe

No thought of lives already lost

As a threat of freedom rings

He said it's our nations policy

To force democracy everywhere

We will use our force of arms

To rid this world of tyranny

I guess here we go again

Oh how great the deadly cost

As a threat of freedom rings

While tens of millions of Iraqis

He says have achieved their freedoms

I think he forgot to mention

There are hundreds of thousands

Because of him are dead today

As a threat of freedom rings

While our soldiers die everyday

The rest waiting for one war to end

Desperately wanting to come home

Today realize many others may begin

Because a tyrant is on a mission

Ridding this world of tyranny

As his threat of freedom rings

-- Thelma Shutters

Schell City