Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Sunday, April 3, 2005

Councilman touched by recent honor offers thanks to community

Dear editor:

I want to thank everyone who helped organize the special honor I was given at the City Council meeting on Tuesday night.

It is such a privilege and pleasure to serve this community; it can be hard and challenging work, but every minute is truly enjoyable.

There are so many great people who work hard for our community, who want the best facilities for our older adults to the great facilities we have for our youth.

You should be proud to vote yes for the renewal of the tax for our parks and recreation; this will take our community to a higher level of opportunities for our citizens.

The City Council that you have is a City Council that will help achieve your goals for our community.

We have a City Council that serves together and gets the job done together.

We may not always agree, but we always get to the same conclusion.

This community should be very proud of their City Council.

I would also want to thank Mayor Moore, Councilman Brian Leonard, Bill Edmonds and Jim Rayburn, you have my deepest respect for what you do for our community.


Councilman Mike Straight.

Male Handsome Pageant a success, thanks to program sponsors, volunteers

Dear editor:

The Renaissance Committee at Nevada High School would like to thank the community for coming to our Third Annual Male Handsome Pageant Contest. This is a huge fundraiser for this program and we thank you for your continuous support! We want to personally thank our sponsors for the evening: Subway, Wynn's Photography, Gragg's Floral, May's Floral, Casa Azteca, The Flip Side, Dress Code, Century 6 Theatres, Sidewalk Caf6, The Cabin, Champion Athletics, Shear Attitude, Shooters, Nevada Sunrise,Ron's Detail Shop, Junior Class '05, Angie Cyr-Mary Kay, Kountry Style Salon & Tanning, Coffee Rush, Davison Shoes (Verco) and Daylight Donuts.

We want to thank Amanda Fisher, April McDowell, Melinda Strom, Robyn Moore and Jennifer Haley for judging the contest.

Also, special thanks to our student helpers, such as: Becky Arneson, Reanna Johnson, Kayla Marti, Tiffany Sanderson, DaTacey Norcross, Tabitha Pitts, Megan Ray, Ka'Sandra Burchell, Ashley Reed and Katie Penn for all their extra work in preparing for the event.

We also send a big thank you to Wes Morton and Tom Meyer for running the sound and lights, to Jeremiah Rutledge for being our spot-light technician, to Brian Leonard for videotaping, to Tedd Maxfield for setting up the TV in the library, to Ranea Shulze, Linda Tourtillott, Diane Earll, Debby Blankenship and Julie Holland for collecting money at the doors.

Last but not least, thank you to all our contestants, their escorts, NHS administrators and staff for your continued dedication and support for this wonderful program.

This night could not be possible without such generous help.


Debby Bogart

Cindy Bullard

Tammy Hendren

Melissa Wilkinson

Continue 1/2-cent sales tax for parks

Dear editor:

I'm a student at Nevada High School, and I'm currently writing you to give you my thought on the continuation of the 1/2-cent sales tax.

However, if I were old enough to vote I would vote yes. Why wouldn't they want to continue this program? I can't understand that.

Yes, I know; many people think they already pay enough tax as it is; however, this tax is going for your community. Not to something that has no actual meaning.

Everyone wants to have his or her children grow up in a safe and beautiful place, right? Who would want to take their children to an old rundown park that has broken things? Our parks are nice and that's because the 1/2-cent program helps make them that way. You see people go and have birthdays there and just go to relax. Parks that are made beautiful are put to use, and what about the community center? Would it slowly start getting worn out and no one will have a fun place to go play basketball, pool or ping-pong?

I'm not sure if you, the voters out there take this into consideration, but these things mean a lot to us.

It's something to do. It's not like we have a mall or something, to go and hang out at until 9 p.m. or so. To my knowledge it's the small things that we do have that count. Like, for instance, the skate park. Many people go there to have fun.

Also, think of it this way-- when your child (teens, especially) are at the skate park, pool, park or the community center, at least they are not out getting into trouble, which lately has been a big problem as well. Anyway, I, Crystal Terrell, believe that the 1/2-cent continuation of a sales tax should remain and people should vote yes.

I'm sure many other young people feel the same as I do.

All the places that the money goes to make this community a better place -- not just for us, but for you as well. I want to say thank you for your time and consideration in reading of how many people feel and how I feel as well.

--Crystal Terrell