Schell City now seeking committee officers

Friday, May 6, 2005

By Laurie Wade

Nevada Daily Mail

The question of whether Schell City will host its annual Fall Festival in September may depend on whether new persons step up to take leadership roles in the Schell City Community Betterment.

Officers are normally elected during a meeting in April, but this year only the secretary, Pat Myers, was elected. The treasurer and president have agreed to serve until the May 16 meeting at which time a president, vice president, and treasurer will be elected.

Any individual in Bacon Township is eligible to participate and serve as an officer of this volunteer organization. There are no membership guidelines and all participants are eligible to vote on issues before the SCCB. The committee meets monthly on the third Monday night from April through December.

"You have to want to help with the community. That's the problem, a lot of people don't want to get involved." Dottie Haddix, Schell City, said.

Officers who have previously served in these positions feel they cannot commit to another year due to family, business and health issues, but are more than willing to assist new officers in the transition.

The SCCB is responsible for many major local area activities such as: The area-wide garage sale, Lawn of the Week, Fall Festival, Senior Citizen Dinner, a Christmas lighting contest and many more activities through the year.

In the past, the proceeds from the Schell City Fall Festival have paid for such things as weekly mowing of the city park, $1,200 grand to NEVC to assist in field trips, park playground equipment and repair, street banners, donations to street repair and other community betterment projects.

"Without people stepping up and doing some of this, we won't be able to have the Fall Festival and the people that we donate to each year, won't get our funding." said Haddix.

Requests for funding are considered on a need basis and according to the success of the Fall Festival revenues. Reserve funds are established to provide for one year of emergency funding in the case of a rain-out festival weekend.

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