Preschool holds ninth graduation

Wednesday, May 18, 2005
The 2005 graduates of Bright Beginnings Preschool are (seated) Emily Willson, Kiersten Ropelato, Braeden Hinton; (standing) Quinton Hays, Brylee Manes, Weston Miller and school owner and teacher, Tracy Sewell.

By Nancy Malcom

Nevada Daily Mail

On May 14 the Bright Beginnings Preschool hosted its ninth graduation and spring program. This year there were six graduating "frogs" as well as four "tadpoles" performing songs and dances for friends, parents and grandparents.

Tadpoles (first year students) were Kiersten Manes, Jordyn Ropelato, Kaitlynn Vincent and Holly Wingert.

Frogs (graduates) were Quinton Hays, Braeden Hinton, Brylee Manes, Weston Miller, Kiersten Ropelato and Emily Willson.

The event was held outside at the school campus and featured songs and dances, including "The Color Hoedown," "The Number Two," and "I Had A Little Rooster," all performed by students.

Diplomas were presented, a raffle drawing was held and a slide show was given showing the year's activities.

With this current graduating class, Bright Beginnings Preschool has 46 alumni since its inception in 1996.

Comments by the five year old graduates -- Quinton Hays, said graduation is "something you sing to get to kindergarten." He enjoyed the games most of all at preschool and is looking forward to learning even more games in kindergarten.

Braeden Hinton realized graduation means a step into "big school" and kindergarten. About preschool he said, "I like the programs best, and parent's nights."

In kindergarten he looks forward to learning to read. This summer he plans on "hanging around home and taking field trips" with his family.

Kiersten Ropelato said she is ready for kindergarten. Things she has enjoyed about preschool are "playing outside, seeing baby chicks, doing easy pages and some hard pages of school work."

She said her nine year old brother has warned her kindergarten will be "no easy pages, just a lot more harder pages." But she will get to ride the bus, she said, and "it will be funner because we will have recess but we will have to still take naps."

Brylee Manes isn't certain what graduation or kindergarten holds for him, but he looks forward to a summer of fun.

"We'll go swimming a lot and go visit my grandparents," he said.

Emily Willson said she is ready for kindergarten but has enjoyed playing with her friends at Bright Beginnings. No one has told her much of what to expect in kindergarten but she thinks she will "be learning new stuff."

She plans on a busy summer with swimming lessons, T-ball, soccer and dance class.

Weston Miller said he will miss the good friends he has made at Bright Beginnings.

He is confident though and added, "But I will make new good friends in kindergarten." He looks forward to playing outside this summer, helping his parents work on their house and moving to a farm.

Tracy Sewell, teacher and founder of Bright Beginnings commented on the graduating class.

"I love all of these children so much and when it's time to say goodbye, I feel a part of me goes with them. A part of them will be with me always."

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