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Sheldon students bring history to life

Friday, May 20, 2005

Samantha Castlebury portrayed Lizzie Borden -- complete with ax and handkerchief stained with mock blood.
By Steve Moyer

Nevada Daily Mail

The Social Studies department at Sheldon presented a Living History display on Tuesday in the school's gym. Students in the seventh grade social studies, eighth grade early American history, high school modern American history, American government, and world history classes participated in the after-hours activity.

Students represented historic figures and answered questions about their characters. Krystin Hulsey as Dolly Madison knew Madison's first husband was lawyer John Todd Jr. when asked. Ashley Danner was well-versed about Josephine Baker, whom she portrayed.

Included alongside the world famous personalities were the lesser-known but still significant figures like Katherine Berry Richardson, founder of Children's Mercy Hospital.

Students represented a wide variety of personages including some of the founding fathers, artists, entertainers, American presidents, royalty, legends such as Greek gods, scientists heroes and villains and even some latter day sports figures.

The students not only portrayed the figures they prepared background information on them and made posters and other display materials to highlight significant facts about them.

The gymnasium was filled with sections dedicated to the various personalities portrayed.

American presidents represented were Harry Truman, Cody Claflin; Andrew Jackson, Kris Cox; Franklin Roosevelt, Cody Feitz; Richard Nixon, Troy Moore; Bill Clinton, Thomas Urena; and from the Confederate States, Jefferson Davis, Kaleb Wilson.

Business people portrayed included Grace Papin, Ashley Stone; Walt Disney, Ashley Leininger; Adolphus Busch, Adam Beach; August Busch, Terry Cheers and Edward Jones, Andrew Leavell.

Villains included Jesse James, Kim Cheers; Jack the Ripper, Doug Saylor; Lizzie Borden, Samantha Castlebury; Frank James, Kelly Coy; Billy the Kid, Dustin Willis; Belle Star, Shanade Davis; Adolph Hitler, Shane Coquillette.

Sports personalities were Rod Smith, Derrik Turner; Derrick Thomas, Tanner O'Dell; Ayrton Senna, Cole Hornbeck; Michael Jordan, Tyler Gardner; and Albert Pujols, David Murphy.

Beauty pageant contestants were Shandi Finnessey, Jessica Mather; Larisa Meek, Shylo Starbuck; and Melana Scantlin, Crystal Cook.

Military personalities were George McClellen, Jeremiah Lamb; Robert E. Lee, C. J. Lathrop; and Ulysses S. Grant, Kevin Feitz.

Royalty included Elizabeth I, Chambree Giberti; Elizabeth I, Brittany Bolton; Elizabeth II B. J. McCrary; Princess Diana, Ashley Sanning; Princess Diana, Amber Goodwin; Louis XVI, Andy Coquillette; and Marie Antoinette, Brandi Kittowski.

Activists were Annie White Baxter, Trayce Loyd; Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mercedes Lutes; Harriet Beecher Stowe, Brittany Danner; Harriet Tubman, Patricia McCrary; Gloria Steinham, Robyn Sanning; and Nellie Bly, Britney Goodwin.

Actor and actresses included Brad Pitt, Nicole Danner; Jean Harlow, Katlyn Logan; Betty Grable, Sarah Wolf; Marilyn Monroe, Mystere Gammon; John Wayne, Dakota Black; and Geraldine Page, Heather Heagerty.

In science and medicine: Clara Barton, Kourtney Masters; Dorthea Dix, Melinda Crowley; Albert Einstein, Jeremiah Johnson; George Washington Carver, Rocky Castlebury; and Katherine B. Richardson, Kelsey Hancock.

First ladies were Bess Truman, Jerri Moore; and Dolly Madison, Krystin Hulsey.

Explorers were William Clark, David Moore; Merriweather Lewis, Nathan Gardner; Sacagewea, Kylei Hanson; and John Rolf, Josh Coquillette.

Founding patriots were Samuel Adams, Devin Feitz; and Betsey Ross, Shylea Gardner.

Entertainers were Elvis Presley, Cody Gardner; Josephine Baker, Ashley Danner; and Jone Froman, Melody Smith.

Legends were Romulus, Ben Spencer; and Zeus, Mickey Jones.

The lone lawman portrayed was Wyatt Earp, Shane Hanson.

Famous first included Amelia Earhart, Nicole Masters; Nat Love, Charles Olson; Hannah Reich, Samantha Nichols; and Mary Jane Patterson, Miranda Overman.

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