The Way It Was

Thursday, June 30, 2005

100 years ago:

Lighting strike catches barn on fire

A barn on the place known as the Shepherd farm, about six miles northeast of Nevada, was burned by lightning at 2 o'clock Thursday morning. A wagon and a set of harness were saved from the flames, but some harness and feed were destroyed with the barn. The farm is owned by Mrs. Fred Kalwitz, of Winona, Idaho, and the farm is rented by Shepherd. The barn was worth about $300. It was insured in the Home of New York by Godfrey & Son for $100. It is not known the extent of Shepherd's loss. His property was not insured.

75 years ago:

Man caught selling insurance without a city license

Chief of Police Moore "nabbed" a fellow today who was selling insurance here without paying a city license. The fellow offered to stop his insurance selling but the chief said that is all OK as far as it goes but it doesn't go far enough, you just pay the a fine and the costs in the city treasury and the gentleman "donated" $8.65. These fellows who come into the city and sell all kinds of merchandise, advertising schemes and other services, should be required to pay a city license of large proportions as a protection to those who pay all kinds of taxes, maintain business establishments and employ many people.

50 years ago:

Sheldon farm home is destroyed by fire

Fire completely destroyed the farm house and contents belonging to Mr. and Mrs. William Starks, near Sheldon Monday. The one-story frame home was located about 14 miles east of Sheldon. It was thought that defective wiring might have caused the fire.

At present the family is staying in a house belonging to the sister of Mr. Starks, near the Bob Peale store.