Youth Fair steer show has 78 competitors

Sunday, July 17, 2005

By Steve Moyer

Nevada Daily Mail

The show pavilion at the Vernon County Fairgrounds was crowded Saturday for the Vernon County Youth Fair beef judging where 78 competitors in 10 classes vied for the championship ribbon. Taylor Scotten took home the Grand Champion ribbon and Courtney Peckman the Reserve Grand Champion ribbon for their efforts.

Heritage State Bank sponsored the Herdsman Award for the top two contestants from the FFA and 4-H. Senior FFA winner was Courtney Peckman, Junior FFA winner was Brooke Longstreth. Senior 4-H winner was Evinn Dilly and the Junior 4-H winner was Colby Beisley.

Results for the show were Class 1: first blue, Kathryn Cavener; second blue, Kara Kitsmiller; third blue, Tyler Shaw; fourth blue D. J. Beason; fifth blue, Erin Kitsmiller; sixth red, Justin Carroll; seventh red, J. T. Kitsmiller; eighth red, Jake Carroll.

Class 2: first blue, Whitney Shupe; second blue, Whitney Hinkle; third blue, Spencer Thompson; fourth blue, Kadee Hughes; fifth blue, Scott Lee; sixth blue, Kiia Dighero; first red, Colten Johnson; second red Andrew Fritts.

Class 3: first blue, Kayla Forkner; second blue, Payton Dahmer; third blue, Lane Baker; fourth blue, Tucker Ewing; fifth blue, Tyler Greer; sixth blue, Kendra Hughes; seventh blue, Tucker Ewing; eighth blue, Josh Westerhold.

Class 4: first blue, Morgan Hinkle; second blue, Erin Forkner; third blue, Kenney Hill; fourth blue, Emily Zogelman; fifth blue, Jared Westerhold; first red, Clayton Harreld; second red, Tanner Greer.

Class 5: first blue, Whitney Shupe; second blue, Tanner Charles; third blue, Darcy Bond; fourth blue, Chase Wait; fifth blue, Cody Claflin; sixth blue, Michelle Westerhold; seventh blue, Kevin Lee; first red, Weston Shrewsbury; second red, Kristen Kitsmiller.

Class 6: First blue, Taylor Scotten; second blue, Brooke Longstreth; third blue, Colby Beisley; fourth blue, Ethan Baldwin; fifth blue, Reba Hurst; sixth blue, Hagen Brown-Fischer; seventh blue, Jacob Duncan; eighth blue, Clint Gerken.

Class 7: first blue, Courtney Peckman; second blue, Evinn Dilly; third blue, Ethan Baldwin; fourth blue, Tyler Kerbee; fifth blue, Kelsey Hancock; sixth blue, Michelle Westerhold; seventh blue, Megan Westerhold; first red, Blake Hoselton; second red, Daniel Amick.

Class 8: first blue, Chandler Holland; second blue, Devan Dilly; third blue, Justin Hancock; fourth blue, Matt Byers; fifth blue, Shawn Zogelman; sixth blue, Alyssa Byers; first red, Colby Williams; second red, Nathan Ryan.

Class 9: first blue, Devan Dilly; second blue, Kristen Dilly; third blue, Evinn Dilly; fourth blue, Kyle Cushard; fifth blue, Keli Cooper; sixth blue, Travis Pitts; seventh blue, Aaron Greer; eighth blue, Chase Jeans.

Class 10: first blue, Zach Braun, second blue, Tyler Greer; third blue, Jared Liles; fourth blue, Kevin Lee; fifth blue, Zach Braun.

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